Disrupting the TV Industry with Online Streaming

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Online Streaming

The TV Is Due for a Change:

The television has been around for as long as we can remember, but despite many technological advances, the basic fundamentals of your average set remain the same.

However, the introduction of online streaming platforms has caused a huge shift in the dynamics of the TV industry, with access to content now available wirelessly and on-demand.

Photo Soccer Ball Tablet Video
Photo Soccer Ball Tablet Video

Even if the way we watch our favourite TV shows remains largely the same, the means by which it is consumed has drastically changed. The average television set was never meant to go mobile, but services like beIN Sports Connect have taken TV mobility to a whole new level.

Online Streaming is the New TV:

Without the need for any cables, a must-have factor when watching content via traditional broadcasters, audiences are able to enjoy all sorts of content without ever having to be at home, or at the actual venue.

In regards to sports, beIN Sports Connect gives you direct access to football, ranging from the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, the Italian Serie A, and much more. Apart from only football, additional sports such as Tennis have also been added, appealing to an even broader audience.

Once you own an account with beIN Sports Connect, you will then be able to watch Real Madrid play Barcelona, Inter Milan take on AC Milan, as well as watch the exciting clashes between Manchester United and Liverpool through any device with access to the internet.

Gone are the days that football matches like these could only be enjoyed via a television set connected to broadcast cable.

With Mobile The Sky Is The Limit:

Once you go mobile, the content you can enjoy in unlimited, creating a whole new experience. Using a tablet, which has much larger screens than the average smartphone, you can turn this into a high-quality television set in a matter of seconds.

A major advantage in going mobile is that any program or sports event can now be watched anywhere the audience wants to, as long as there is connectivity to a wireless access point or 4G data from a mobile provider.

TV Industry
TV Industry

In Thailand, along with most countries, wireless internet is often available in public places, either for free or for a small charge. The same goes with mobile data, which has seen a rapid rise in coverage areas over the past few years. Therefore, no matter which corner of the country you find yourself in, more often than not, you will have direct access to a 4G network.

Like any other broadcaster, there are often fees and charges that will have to be applied in order to be able to gain access to all the available content being offered.

The Revolution Is Accessible:

However, beIN Sports Connect has not gone with traditional payment methods, but instead, they have introduced a new, user-friendly way to give access to audiences. With packages ranging from 49 THB for 24 hours, 99 THB for 7 days, 199 THB for 30 days, and 1,599 for 365 days, the entire process of picking the most suitable deal is completely up to the user.

You can beIN Sports subscribe today and experience the difference it will make in your life because from now on, you will have the flexibility to watch your favorite matches on multiple devices and for a minimal cost.

Usually, in terms of subscription fees and monthly charges, traditional broadcasters opt to tie down the customer to a one-year deal, to ensure that at least 12 months of payments for a particular service are made before contract cancellation becomes available.

This, especially for football fans, can be seen as a setback, given that anyone who watches the sport will know that there are always a few months summer break, where club football all over the world comes to a halt. As this is the case, there is absolutely no need to pay large sums of money to watch nothing.

For beIN Sports Connect, this is not the case, given that you can now pay for exactly the amount of time you request for, proving just how effective online football streaming and online streaming in general actually is. Broadcasting channels are slowly becoming obsolete, given that a majority of content is being consumed online via streaming services and applications.

It is not surprising that companies like beIN Sports have decided to invest in Thailand because it has even become Liverpool FC’s biggest country.

Furthermore, Thailand is also one of the biggest audiences of the Leicester City. Once again, something that proves the great potential of this country and region.

A Transformation Has Just Begun:

As we stated earlier, the television will not disappear, but channels, especially ones related to sports, may slowly fade away as a result of online streaming.

Currently, online football streaming is taking over the duties of smaller sports channels that are unable to compete with the price offerings of user-friendly applications such as beIN Sports Connect.

Watch Football
Watch Football

The introduction of the smart TV has also added fuel to the rapid growth of streaming services, especially because you can now access a large selection of content, from movies, TV shows, and sports – all under one roof.

Although beIN Sports Connect was created to appeal to a mass audience of football fanatics, the rise of online streaming in general is already disrupting the traditional TV and broadcasting industry with devastating results.

So, the next time you think about buying a broadcasting box to watch football, be sure you take into account the benefits of online football streaming first.

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