Dishonored 2 Can Be Played Nonlethally, New Footage Shows Us How

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Dishonored 2

The creators of Dishonored 2 certainly do not shy away from sharing intriguing in-depthinformation about the upcoming title’s gameplay systems. Bethesda has released more than a few videosthat showcase the main playable characters’ special abilities and tactics. Now the developerhas shared a new mission footage that follows Empress Emily Kaldwin through the mansion of inventor Kirin Jindosh with the mission to rescue Anton Sokolov.

Last week a new footage that showed off Emily and Corvo’s Creative Kills gave fans a look at a few of the powers that the two can use to bring their enemies to heel. The new Dishonored 2 videoshared by Bethesda today shows off some of the powers we had seen Emily exercise on her enemies earlier along with ones that we haven’t seen before. As the trailer begins, we see Emily infiltrate her way stealthily into Jindosh’s castle using powers like Shadow Walk and take down the guards using her Domino and Far Reach powers. Besidesthese familiar abilities, we can also see her use a number of other powers and weapons including a nonlethal sleep inducing onecalled Sleep Dart. As Emily traverses further inside the mansion, she uses Mesmerize, a power by which she can “summon a void spirit to enthrall humans or hounds,” to distract the people inside as she goes past them unnoticed. Another one of her powers that finds demonstration is Dark Vision, which lets her observe her enemies through walls or other obstructions.

Near the point where she finds Sokolov who is heavily guarded by gigantic robots, Emily is seen using a handy tool called Rewire which helps her easily tamper with arobot’s system. She then goes forward and finally comes across a feeble Sokolov whom she proceeds to help.

The new footage offers furtherinsight into Emily’s multiple abilities and also gives a great look at the immersive first-person perspective that Dishonored 2 uses. Unlike 2012’s Dishonored, Dishonored 2‘s characters arevoiced and we hear quite a bit of Emily in the footage. But most importantly, the new video offers us an important insight into how we can play the game without ripping the enemies’ bodies into shreds. From the beginning of the video to itsend, Emily is not seen killing anyone- she only temporarily incapacitates them. We know that players will have the choice to finish Dishonored 2 without killing anyone, and the new video shows us just how. We are sure that Emily has a lot of other tricks up her sleeve that will aid players to approach the game any way they want, whether lethal or nonlethal.

Players can play Dishonored 2 either as Emily or as Corvo (the previous game’s protagonist), but they will not be able to switch between the characters after they make their decision. Dishonored 2 is slated to releaseon November 11, 2016,for PS 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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