Diljit Dosanjh in new look. See viral photos

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Diljit Dosanjh in new look

Diljit Dosanjh is not only a famous name in Punbaji film industry but also a recognized actor in Bollywood. He was last seen with Anushka Sharma in Philluari.Currently, he is judging a TV show The Rising Stars. He is currently in news for his short hair, without turban look. According to the reports of Filmy Monkey, Punjabi actor-singer has cut short his hair around 2 years back, but always made public appearances in head covered with a cap or a bandana.One only got to see Diljit in short hair in these viral pictures.

The actor is currently on a promotional tour where he is talking about his upcoming film. “We were planning to do a superhero film for the last five years. But these movies are expensive and we weren’t getting a producer who would invest so much money. We roamed around and searched for producers for one-and-a-half years, but no luck. But thanks to Balaji Motion Pictures, they approved it,”Diljit told PTI.

“Since Punjabi films don’t have a big budget, there was a phase where we thought the film might not be made anytime soon. But I was hopeful it will eventually be made, if not today then maybe tomorrow,” the actor added. Diljit also said, “Before the shoot, you feel uncomfortable in it but once the camera starts rolling, then you are in the zone and forget everything.”

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