Digital Marketing Skills Assessment and Its Need

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Irrespective the skill assessment test has gained importance in the recent years as part of the recruitment process. The test can help the company to find candidates quickly and also the right candidate. When it comes to digital marketing, it is even more critical for the company to pay attention to The Company’s business is taken to the next level by the marketing. In the last five years, digital marketing is skyrocketing in every industry as world moving towards internet and online presence

What Is Digital Marketing?

The process of advertising the company and the business using various media like social media, mobile apps, email, sites, and search engines are called as Digital marketing. The availability of people with digital marketing skill is not very massive as it is still at the inception stage. There could be marketing individual claiming to know digital marketing, but it is vital to put them through the digital marketing skills assessment to make sure the candidate is the right fit for your organization.

Skill Assessment Test Can Help Understand the Following Digital Marketing Skill

It is crucial for the company to know what the output of an assessment test is. The companies invest money in giving the test to candidates, and if they do not know what to expect, then the total process goes waste. Hence understand what a company must assume from the assessment test administered to candidates applying for the digital marketing position.

1. Subject knowledge – Digital marketing is one method to attract clients to do business with an organization. The skill and subject knowledge both are not the same. One may have the ability but do not understand business and vice versa. To be more precise understanding the candidate who has worked for a services company as a digital marketer may not fit in for a product company for the same post. The method of advertising varies. Similarly, the business line is essential consumer good marketing and durable may require different ability. Even though the base may remain the same, there is a lot of differences. Hence the test will be designed based on the company, and one must choose the right one to make their candidates take. Based on the subject and marketing skill the test results will be generated.

2. Commitment–It is not always true that a person gets a high score is excellent, and the other one is bad. Interviews may result in a human error like bias feedback etc. The online test will help to understand the commitment of a candidate not only on the scores but also on time taken to finish the analysis and the approach.

3. Candidate Quality –Candidate with subject knowledge and digital marketing skill but lacking the motivation to work will not do any justice to the job. Thus the test can help the company to understand the candidate’s quality by framing several scenario based questions.

4. Customer Handling AbilityMarketing person must interact with customers on a daily basis. They need understanding, patience, and communication skills. All these can be assessed using the test, and the company can select the right fit for their open position.

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