Differences Between SCJP & OCJP Certification Explain!

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SCJP Certification or sun certified Java programmer is one certification that has been in the market for a long time. However, with the popularity of OCJP Certification or Oracle certified Java programmer, some people have began to believe that the two are different cert.The truth however, is that a lot of people are not aware of the real difference or you could say similarity between SCJP Certification and OCJP Certification.

Certified Java programmer has actually been replaced by the Oracle certified Java programmer in Sun microsystems was actually acquired by Oracle. The latest Sun certified Java programmer certification is available for a version of Java 8. It is called the OCAJP 10808 for the basics of Java version while there is another version for advanced topics called the OCPJP.

This Advanced Version Covers the Following Topics-

  • Date and Time API
  • Lambdas
  • Streams
  • File I/O
  • fundamentals
  • Concurrency
  • Generics and collections
  • JDBC

The questions for OCP JP certification in multiple-choice format. This is an approval from what the pattern used to be, during the time of SCJP Certification or OCJP Certification.

It is to be noted that the type of questions that come in both examination versions are almost similar and the best or most popular book used as preparation material is Sierra/Bates.

The best trip here is that you want to prepare for the examination much better you would actually take online mock tests that are available for free.

Things To Keep In Mind While Preparing For The Examination-

  • The break time is the most vital time you spend for getting labeled with this Oracle Java certification. Like the fact that the preparation time is really consuming in terms of mental dedication needed. It goes without saying that this is the reason the certification attempt is best taken up by experienced and seasoned professionals.
  • The programming skills will have to be improved by a huge leap and this can be realized only when you start learning for this certificate examination. No shortcuts or cheat codes are available.
  • When you take up practice and preparation for the certification make sure you pick English as your language of choice because non-English language resources available, are not really good quality.
  • Be careful when it comes to making choice of the test centre for the examination. It is up to you the choice of date and timing but you make. Reserving the same even a day before the examination will cause no hassles.

One commonly reported issue from candidates having appeared in the examination, is that there are a lot of problems when it comes to drag-drop questions. Be a little extra vigilant in this regard.

  • OCPJP is a tough nut to crack and covers a wide array of topics that could be ranging from main design concepts to streams to localization.
  • At least half a year of preparations would actually make you better set for the examination since there are a lot of difficult topics such as functional interfaces and generics involved.
  • The certification examination actually tests the understanding and knowledge you have of Java language and will never test how well you could be mugging up these things.
  • Then again, you will have to be good at memorizing things such as predefined interfaces, Java time classes, formal strings as well as method names.

The bottom line remains that the certification examination is a costly pick and you should be having about $300 to waste of you dive headlong in, sans any preparation. Then the crux here is that no matter how great experience you have in the Java language you will not be quick to appear for the test unless you have solid preparation to back your knowledge.

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