Dieyana House (2016) Movie Review, Rating, Cast, Crew, Total Box Office Collection, Final Verdict

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Dieyana House

The recently released Kannada language film DieyanaHouse is a horror-thriller which carries almost all the element of scoopsand unnatural happenings which makes a perfect scary film. The following film starts with a strict notification regarding entering the property, famously named as Dieyana House, entirely at your own risk. The strictly prohibited area is crossed by few people and hence starts all the ill-happenings and creepy events. The movie plot seeming quite catchy has good performers who have done aremarkable job including the crew team. So, with all the good notions in hand, here we present Dieyana House movie details in front of you.

Dieyana House Movie Cast & Crew

  • Raghav Nagraj
  • Tejaswini Prakash
  • Vardhan Thirtathalli
  • Mico Nagaraj
  • Srinivas Prabhu
  • Director/Story/Screenplay: Bharat Nanda
  • Producers:Girish N Gowda and Rajashekar M
  • Music/Background Score: NobinPaul
  • Editor:Niranjan Devaramane
  • Cinematography/DOP:Arun Suresh
  • Banner:Mahakaya Team Works

Dieyana House Movie Plot/Storyline

A house famously called as Dieyana House is a strictly prohibited area as local feels that there is hag/witch (dayan/chudail)resides and roams around after twilight and kills whosoever enters the house. Few people despite certain warning feel to stay at the house and hence starts weird, creepy events followed by horrifying unnatural activities. Why and how the witch kills one and all is the main story which develops from beginning to the climax.

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Dieyana House Movie Review

Primarily focusing on horror element, the newly released Kannada language movie has certainly had some thriller element too which helps to maintain the suspense of the film. Although carrying low intensified suspense, the film still manages to hold a firm grip over the plot. The story is apt with appropriate goosebumps provided at several intervals, which automatically adds good impact on the film.

Filmmaker Nanda has tried his best to keep a sequential progress throughout the film but (I believe) maintaining screenplay, storyline and direction took over a lot as somewhere the direction looks weak along with having a sluggish approach.

Actors like Raghav, Tejaswini, Gundru, Vardhan, among others have lived up to audiences’ expectation with putting in their best to scare the viewers, which comes as the sole purpose of the film. The acting performance given by the actors especially supporting cast is up to the mark with the protagonist looking at its best with make-up and appearance.

One of the most catchy and attractive elements of the film can be taken as the background score and music composed by Nobin Paul. The essence is simply invincible and unignorable which seem to continue even during the climax. The feel of the film can be undoubted taken from the music and rest comes positively from the story development and of course acting skills.

Take a Look at the Making of Dieyana House

Total Box Office Collection of Dieyana House

Released in as many as 230 screens in all over Karnataka, the particular Kannada flick, has been garnering apositive response from the spectators as the trailer got a huge number if hits thus closing at 1,45,000 and still counting. Bookmyshow recorded almost 86% audiences who showed interest in the film. Dieyana House collection can be measured as satisfactory as trade punditsanticipate that the film may generate revenue of Rs. 2.76 lakhs on its opening day of the box office collection.

Bouquet Factor or Brickbat Factor for Dieyana House

It’s seldom that regional horror film is appreciated, but with this particular Kannada language film, Dieyana House one can easily anticipate that it comes with a mix of both i.e. Bouquet as well as Brickbat factor. The film carries few elements which are simply amazing along with some other which are bound you to distract from the movie. Perhaps, such films are made with great measures as it is surrounded bymany attractive sections which audience actually search.

Dieyana House Final Verdict

In a short and precise reaction, Dieyana House is a One Time Watch in theatres near you. Certainly not for faint hearted, young teens and children (of course), it can be stated as a family movie but only if prefer watching horror films with great sound effects.

Dieyena House (2016) Movie Rating
Background Score
The Kannada language horror thriller Dieyana House certainly carries the immense potential to emerge as one of the scariest and spine-chilling movie of the year.


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