Dhruva (2016) Movie Review, Total Box Office Prediction, Rating, Cast and Audience Response

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Dhruva Review:All the Telugu movie lovers beamed with joy as soon as the first look of Surender Reddy’s Dhruva had come out. And the excitement level soared higher as the action-thriller film is the remake of 2015 Tamil movie Thani Oruvan. Dhruva starring Ram Charan and Rakul Preet Singh in the key roles has a lot in store for the viewers as Surender Reddy is known for his direction prowess and his directorial debut film Athanokkade turned out to be a big hit at the box office. Nevertheless, Ram Charan already has an immense fan following in the South Indian industry and witnessing him once again on the silver screens would be an absolute treat to the eyes for all his fans.


The viewers have already seen the onscreen chemistry between Rakul Preet Singh and Ram Charan earlier as they did the action-comedy film Bruce Lee-The Fighter together. Therefore, witnessing them pairing up together once again on the celluloid will surely put a smile on once face.

Nevertheless, in this article we have shed some light on the movie review, total box office collection, rating, cast and audience response of the action-thriller film Dhruva.

Dhruva (2016) Star Cast

  • Ram Charan
  • Rakul Preet Singh
  • Arvind Swamy
  • Muhammad Hanif
  • PosaniKrishna Murali

Dhruva Movie Review

As Dhruva is the remake of Thani Oruvan the plot line of the film has a lot of similarities with the Tamil movie. The plot line of Dhruva revolves around the character of Ram Charan who is a dedicated police officer and just like the other cops even Ram Charan has a mission of putting a full stop to all the unacceptable happenings around him. And the storyline will take a different turn right after the circumstances which will be triggered for Ram Charan as he stands against all the odds.

Arvind Swamy depicts the character of an antagonist in Dhruva and he will be seen creating all the turmoils for Ram Charan in the action-thriller film. Nevertheless, keeping all the intense scenarios aside Dhruva has something else to deliver as well. The budding romance between Rakul Preet and Ram Charan is another pivotal part of the Telugu film and the viewers are anxiously waiting to release their curiosity buds by witnessing the blooming onscreen love between the two promising actors. Therefore, Dhruva is surely gearing up to get a double thumbs up from the moviegoers.

Dhruva Movie Rating

  • Direction- 3.5 out of 5
  • Acting- 3 out of 5
  • Editing- 2.5 out of 5
  • Plot- 3 out of 5
  • Music- 2.5 out of 5

Dhruva Audience Response

Innumerable viewers are expected to hit the theatres tomorrow to witness the happenings of Dhruva on the silver screens. The grand success of Mohan Raja’s Thani Oruvan indicates that even Dhruva will be highly appreciated for the way of depicting its plot line. And Ram Charan’s immense screen presence, as well as acting prowess, will make the viewers watch the action-thriller movie for the second time. and it’s intriguing action scenes will leave no stone unturned to keep the viewers engrossed towards the film throughout. Therefore, Dhruva is a must watch for all the Telugu movie lovers.

Dhruva Total Box Office Prediction

Thani Oruvan had surpassed several records at the box office as the Tamil movie acquired a whopping amount of Rs. 105 Crores at the worldwide box office. So, would Dhruva come out with flying colours with its earnings? Dhruva Box office collection is expected to kick start with an impressive opening day as the film has been highly awaited by the Telugu movie lovers. Therefore, Dhruva opening day box office collection is expected to garner an estimated amount of Rs. 4.28 Crores.

There are a lot of Ram Charan fans residing outside and they would not want to miss out on watching Dhruva. Made with a production budget of nearly Rs. 35 Crores Surender Reddy’s Dhruva is expected to settle down to an amount of Rs. 1.29 Crores at the overseas box office on its 1st day of release.

The filmmakers of Dhruva are expecting its box office earnings to add a phenomenal number by the end of its first day as the film has been creating quite a lot of buzz among the viewers. Nevertheless, Dhruva 1st day total box office collection is expected to settle down to an amount of Rs. 5.57 approximately.

Dhruva (2016) Final Verdict

The breathtaking trailer of Dhruva which came out almost a week ago promises the viewers to keep them intrigued towards the happenings of the action-thriller film throughout. Therefore, Surender Reddy’s endeavour will surely fetch innumerable positive responses from the moviegoers.

Check out the trailer of Dhruva below

Dhruva Detailed Summary
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