Deputy SP Kills Himself Under Torture

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Deputy SP

In an another gruesome act, Deputy Superintendent of Police M K Ganapathi, lost control over self thus continuing to kill oneself under torture. Though the personnel was allegedly involved in fake encounters as well as corruption case emerging as prime accused within the team took his life thus accusing two of his Senior Police colleagues. Ganapathi accused both of them of threatening him continuously and sometimes being physically abusive by sending men from Lokayukta Police and the State Human Rights Commissions.


Ganapathi accused both of them of threatening him consistently and sometimes being physically abusive by sending men from Lokayukta Police and the State Human Rights Commissions. Before committing suicide, he confronted a press conference where he accused both the police officers in a killing spree; if get murdered. The officers come under the rank of IGP Pranab Mohanty and State Intelligence Chief A M Prasad. Apart from these, former Home Minister K J George would also be held responsible for his death.

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Ganapathi was found in a lodge at Madikeri town, Kodagu district, Karnataka. It is  the second time when a senior rank holder police official ended his life. Previously, of the same rank, DSP Kallapa Handibag posted in Chikmagalur region committed suicide on July 5, 2016. He too was under a scanner of kidnapping case thus taking ransom worth Rs. 10 lakhs.

Ganapathi got appointed as Police Inspector in 2010 in Bengaluru. After serving public for several years he got promoted to Assistant Commissioner of Police. Few years later, he became DSP. When he was serving as PI he got unvolved in quite mishandling cases such as fake encounters, bribery, forgery etc. Right from “killing” a 21-year-old Prashant involved in rowdy activities to forging almost Rs. 1 crore from Business Rangaswamy in 2014. The allegations were so politically correct that Ganapthi got suspended from his post.

The main concern of the victim was that charges were false and accused officials were backed by Politicians from the State. The death of DSP M K Ganapathi has raised many questions and put the entire Karnataka Police Department under scanner. Soon the news aired, Opposition Leader Jagadish Shetty demanded immediate resignation of K J George thus forwarding the matter to Special Crime Branch in the Assembly on Thursday.

Though the entire staory has certainly raised brows of many against Karnataka Police department as this is the second similar case within 7 days. Henceforth keeping a question on board that do our nation protector’s really need protection too?

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