Demonetization: Opposition to Foray Against Notes Ban, PM Modi Will Shed Light on the Matter

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s decision of the abolishment of 500 and 1000 rupee currency note left all the residents of India jaw-dropped. People are still going through a cash crunch and standing in long ques and hoping to see a better picture ahead of them with the exclusion of black money and terrorism financing. Nevertheless, the opposition parties have stood against the decision of demonetization since the beginning and now the Congress is all set to question the Central Government on the issue of Notes ban.

The leaders of the opposition party will be asking PM Modi on his sudden decision of banning the 500 and 1000 rupee currency note at the Parliament. And Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will take a stand and speak about the decision taken by the Central Government, as reported by NDTV. On the other hand, a senior leader of the opposition party has stated that“Many parties are determined to take this matter of selective leakage to the masses and jointly take on the government in parliament. There are other worrisome aspects of the demonetization decision which we will raise in both Houses of parliament,”,as reported by News Dog.


During the foray against notes ban at the Parliament, the opposition will also raise the matter of Industrialists and other big shots already knowing about the decision of demonetization. Therefore, they invested their money in properties and other assets.

Nevertheless, Rahul Gandhi will be chairing the meeting against the decision of demonetization.

Millions of people have been going through a hardship right now, and the ATMs are running out of cash after every single hour. The overloading of work pressure is taking a toll on the health of the bank employees, which has resulted in adverse affects as well. However, amid allthe chaos PM Modi promises every citizen that this move will benefit them and the country in the long run and has higher chances of improving the GDP of India.

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