Delhi-Noida-Delhi (DND) Flyway is Ordered to be Toll-Free

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Delhi-Noida-Delhi (DND) Flyway

As ordered by the Allahabad High Court, theDelhi-Noida-Delhi (DND) Flyway will be toll-free from now onwards. One of the best run toll plazas, the DND Flyway connects Delhi with Noida and East Delhion the west bank of Yamuna. According to India today,several protests and demonstrations have been witnessedseekingto scrapthe toll following allegations of Rs 28, by whichthe operator of the 9.2-km-long stretch has made significant profits.

What did Monisha Macedo tell theIANS?

Monisha Macedo, the DND director, claimedthe contract for operating 9.2 km long road could be extended for a couple of years, beyond the stipulated 2031.Incidentally, the court order arrived a day after the claimwhichMacedo demanded. Despite recovering the cost of construction, they are trying hard to earn a return under the concessionaire as it is all about a private investment. When asked if the DND after 2031 would be handed over to thegovernment, she said,“There is a clause (in the agreement) which says that up to 2031 even if it has not earned returns then it can be extended for two years of time on requesting the Noida administration.”From her speech, we get to know that to her allegations are not based on facts that have been understood by any individual. Though the contract was signed only between the Noida authority and DND, yet allegationshave been coming from people who are not even aware of all the facts.

What will be the consequences now?

For more than a decade, Macedo has been associated with the Noida Toll Bridge Company. To her cost of construction is not the ultimate point, and if it were then it could have been easily crossed. Apparently, a cost also includes a return “which has not been recovered“. While speaking about the initiatives of other companies, the director of DND informed that CCTV cameras have been installed with voice recordings inorder to check the behaviour of the toll collectors. To her, “All the booths have got the voice recorder cameras. There have been complaints by our users against the toll collectors. We do a lot of training, train our staff to be polite because it is a service industry.”With some new technologies, the company is looking forward to a limit of the data which an old system can hold.

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