Deepika and Shahid to Shoot Intimate Scene and Aditi Rao will be Ranveer’s wife in Padmavati!

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Deepika and Shahid to shoot intimate scene

A lot of scoops in just one news! Yes, the shooting of Padmavati is on the full roll and according to the latest updates, Aditi Rao will be playing Kamala Devi, Alauddin Khalji’s wife and the character of ruthless ruler Khilji is played by Ranveer. This is quite a big revelation in Padmavati’s progress. But to raise the hit of the news there is another gossip that hovers the air. Deepika and Shahid who are playing the married couple in the movie Padmavati will shoot an intimate scene.

The historical evidence of the Padmavati reveals the distorted desire of Alauddin Khalji for Padmavati, wife of King Ratansen of Chittor. To gain her Khalji took the drastic step of attacking Chittor. Where Ratansen fought like a hero for his land and was killed mercilessly and Padmavati killed herself to save her honour.

Ranveer’s new avatar as a negative character is already attracting his fans, and now the news of Aditi to play his wife is more curious ‘add’ to the movie! She will be seen as Kamala Devi, one of Khilji’s favourite wives. According to the sources of Mumbai Mirror, “There have been several meetings that between Bhansali and Aditi and the director has finally decided on Aditi over four other choices. At the moment, the costumes and set designs are being finalised and the film rolls by November-end.”

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is always up to any project which is high on the dramatic level and no doubt he chose Padmavati as his upcoming project. Though, his magnum opus has already gone through a lot of issues and barrier before the shooting started, and even though the shooting is going on there in no stop in coming one or the other big scoops. A few days back there was a news of Shahid got furious over Ranveer’s poky behaviour and Shahid threatened to leave the movie if he does not behave properly.

Padmavati  is already in news more than one reason. The story of Padmavati  is intriguing and interesting. And the three big names of Bollywood Ranveer, Deepika and Shahid are in it. The additional gain is Aditi Rao! No doubt the movie will achieve a great grandeur and is awaiting a release of November 17, 2017.

So till then enjoy the gossips from the set of Padmavati!

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