Dear Travelers, Are You Carrying These Essentials?

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Are You Carrying These Essentials

Travelling brings out the best within us. We save for months, if not years to make that splendid travel dream happen. However, amidst all the bookings and required paperwork, we tend to forget a few essentials that make traveling to a faraway land a tad bit easier. Regardless of whether you are packing in a wheelie, backpack or a duffle bag, it’s what inside that counts.

So, here is a list of things that all travelers must carry to make that trip simply memorable and away from any hassles. From Dettol hand sanitizer to something as small as a pen, this list will make your travel life 10,000 times easier.

Dettol Hand Sanitizer

Have you ever fallen sick after a train, bus or airplane travel even after taking full care of your health? Do you know why that happens? Public places are full of germs that can make you sick. Moreover, the last thing that you would want on vacation is to fall sick. Hence, carrying a Dettol hand sanitizer becomes necessary. From the airplane restroom to the elevator handrail, every area is infected with thousands of germs that we don’t even know about. These disease-causing germs are among the top food poisoning causes and we are sure you don’t want to encounter them on a trip. With a Dettol hand sanitizer by your side, keeping away disease-causing germs will become a breeze.

You Carrying These Essentials

Disinfecting Wipes

Don’t take the risk of ruining a restorative vacation. When in a flight, wipe down the seat, the hand rests and the tray table before you touch and use them. Disinfectant wipes come handy even in public restrooms of the airport. To be on the safer side, you can even offer these wipes to the fellow seatmates as there are chances the infection may spread from them to you.


How many times have you had to wait for a fellow traveler to finish filling the customs form before they hand over the pen to you? Sounds familiar, right? Keeping a pen along will expedite the form filling process, let you doodle on the cocktail napkin and solve those Sudoku puzzles in the in-flight magazines. The importance of a pen is only realized when you don’t have one.

First Aid Kit

Cuts and burns can surprise you anytime. All you need to do is to carry a small pouch with essentials that can easily tackle such emergencies. In this pouch, keep everything that you think might be difficult to find in a foreign land. Also, if your body is used to certain medicines, take them along. For example, if you have a particular medicine on which you bank upon to ease your period cramps, don’t leave it behind.

A small bottle of a disinfectant from Dettol India will also prove beneficial to keep germ encounter away.


A Tote or Plastic Bag

Spills and sweat can cause your clothes to smell. That’s common. However, would you want the rest of your clothes to smell too? No, right? Plastic or a tote bag will keep all the dirty laundry away from the fresh ones. Hand over this bag to the hotel laundry as and when you find the chance if you are on a trip that lasts for more than 15 days. Otherwise, keep it tucked in the corner of your suitcase or the bottom of the backpack until your return. Trust us; nothing will prove to be beneficial than this small bag for dirty clothes.

Universal Charger Adapter

When in the United Kingdom, you will only get flat pin charging sockets. To keep the hassle out of life, carry a universal charger adapter. These adapters are readily available online and are your one-stop solution to keep the juice alive in all your gadgets. Spending on something as small as this in a foreign land is indeed not practical. So, carry one.

Have a Great Vacay!

Make these things a part of your packing list to have a great vacay. Your health and comfort should be a top priority when you are out on an exploration journey. For health and hygiene, carry a hand sanitizer from Dettol India and disinfectant wipes while for comfort, carry everything else listed above.Food poisoning treatment is the last thing you would want to spend you on in a foreign land. So, pack appropriately for the trip. Trust us, with these things by your side, your travel experience will go up to several notches.

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