Dead Rising 4 Pre-order Exclusive Weapons Are Now Available For Buying

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Dead Rising 4

Before Dead Rising 4‘s release on Windows last year, the creators of the zombie slayer-fest announced a surprise bonus for players who pre-ordered the game. As we are accustomed, the bonus was to introduce a bunch of exclusive weapons and gear to aid gamers in their zombie hunt. If you missed getting your hands on them, there’s good news. Players will be able to buy those over-the-top, holiday-themed weapons starting today, April 4.

Capcom Vancouver and Microsoft had announced the pre-order bonus content ahead of the game’s launch last year, but the weapons included were unique to the store that buyers would get them from. So while pre-ordering Dead Rising 4 from Microsoft would have got you the X-Fist, doing so from Best Buy would have earned you the awesomely ridiculous Candy Cane Crossbow. Other items like the Slice Cycle, which doubled as a vehicle as well as a weapon and the very Ugly Winter Sweater (needs no explanation, this one) were also up for grabs. Today onwards, they will be available from the game’s online stores at the price of $1.99 each, the developers announced.

In addition to these, there are a couple of DLCs coming up. The first one, Frank Rising, will be available for download from today and will cost you $9.99 if you do not own the season pass. Another one, titled the Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf which will be playable both on your own and along with three other friends, is on its way. The publishers have not shared an exact launch date for the same, but it will probably be priced similarly to Frank Rising.

There’s more to look forward to today besides getting your hands on wacky Dead Rising 4 weapons and gear. Atlus’s Persona 5 finally gets its worldwide release today, and critics’ reviews indicate that the long wait has been entirely worth it.

Dead Rising 4 was launched last year in December as a timed-exclusive on Windows 10 and Xbox One. The Steam release took place a few weeks back on March 14.

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