Dazzling New Chrysler Portal Concept To Be Unveiled Today at CES 2017

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The concept car of the future is here and it is the Fiat Chrysler Portal Concept vehicle, an all-electric minivan that is the closest we have been to witnessing a totally autonomous vehicle. On the outside, the concept design looks extremely elegant with fluidity oozing from the build and an all-glass look that the vehicle boasts of. The car is specifically aimed at millennials, meaning people who were born between the early 80’s and the early 2000’s, and can fit in six adult passengers with ease.

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The new concept vehicle is described by Chrysler as“created by millennials for millennials” as quoted here and it seems that Chrysler is living up to its motto. The Chrysler Portal Concept seeks to eliminate the element of an automobile in one’s life, making transportation an experience to soak up. The naming is suggestive:’Portal’ simply means a door and the ability to go from point A to point B without any transitory phase. The concept car will aim to be a part of one’s life and be at the beck and call of the driver and passengers. The Chrysler Portal Concept features Level 3 semi-autonomy standard with enough features to propel it towards a future upgrade to a Level 4 at which point of time true self-driving capability or autonomous driving becomes practically feasible.A camera which uses facial-recognition software and biometric systems to monitor the driver besides to.

Chrysler Portal Concept Features

The new Chrysler Portal Concept has an enormous118.2-inch wheelbase making it easily identifiable and uniquely manoeuvrable. The vehicle is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery pack rated at 100 kWh. One charge of the battery ensures a driving range of more than 250 miles. A 350-kW fast charger comes with the vehicle and can recharge the pack to allow a 150-mile range in less than 20 minutes. The front wheels are powered by asingle electric motor. A lot of research has gone into the interiors to create a better experience when it comes to illumination.The exterior and interior designs of the vehicle are sleek, modern and focused on technological aspects including adjustable LED accent lighting. The seats are track-mounted seats with bottom cushions that fold up allowing them to be pushed together to free up more cargo space. No animal leather is used internally, ensuring that millennials do not face any problems when it comes to choices. There is an internal wireless network that allows interior occupants to share music, images and video and ‘experience’ the ride more than simply commuting. Multiple docking ports for smartphones and tablets dot the inner fascia.

The millennials have often been kept in mind whenever a new product launches and it is no different when it comes to cars too. They want a marriage of technology, comfort and convenience. The Chrysler Portal Concept is designed to provide exactly these. No price or launch dates are available as of now. For obvious reasons, concept cars sometimes never materialise in real life vehicles. However, Chrysler does seem to be serious with this concept, bearing in mind that it has brought onAdient, Magneti Marelli, Panasonic Automotive and Samsung Electronics as partners. This is one concept car we would love to see during the daily commute. It is a sight for sore eyes.

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