Days Of Tafree (2016) Review, Rating, Cast, Crew, Box Office Collection, Verdict

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Days Of Tafree

Bollywood has been setting up a stage for novel talent who come up with a small budget along with debut casting team and land to embrace success. We remember how Pyaar Ka Punchnaama, Yariyaan, made it big on silver screen and undoubtedly earned triple the amount of their total costing budget of the films. But this time, it seems that the same won’t repeat as the brand new Hindi language film Days of Tafree fails to hold a standard thus making a poor impression on the viewers. With not-so-good points in hand, let’s dive into Days of Tafree review, rating, cast, crew, box office collection, verdict and much more.

Days of Tafree (2016) Cast & Crew

  • Yash Soni as Nikhil
  • Ansh Bagri as Vicky
  • Sanchay Goswami as Suresh
  • Nimisha Mehta as Pooja
  • Kinjal Rajpriya as Nisha
  • Sarabjeet Bindra as Daljeet aka Dhulla
  • Anuradha Mukherjee as Isha
  • Direction & Script: Krishnadev Yagnik
  • Producer: Anand Pandit and Rashmi Sharma
  • Banner: Anand Pandit Motion Pictures & Rashmi Sharma Telefilms
  • Music Composition/ Background Score: Bobby-Imran and Kamail- Shivaan

Days of Tafree (2016) Plot/Storyline

Inspired by a Gujarati movie ‘Chello Divas’ which means last days of college or institutes filled with masti, mazaa, wandering around, and of course tafree. Revolving around a life-story of 4 friends where a couple of Nikhil and Pooja love each other. Thier journey from the day 1 of college to last days helps in developing the entire movie with a running time of 2 hours 15 minutes.

Watch The Official Trailer of Days of Tafree Here

Days of Tafree (2016) Movie Review

The movie sounds pretty cool and fun but despite a peppy backup, it fails to impress the audiences. The slow pace of story development which seems to extend nowhere to typical double meaning sleazy jokes. Friends make fun of each other thus longing to go hand-in-hand with a girl; well, in this case, any girl be it a stranger. Such meaningless, an entirely no sense plot gives no support to the movie but rather help actually to crash down at the box office. Most annoying about the film is the acting skills which seems not at all near to any standard performance level. The weak plotline and eye-blinding acting along with sleazy dialogues delivery, Days of Tafree appears as an entirely non-sense film with a open heart suggestion of Watch it at your own risk.

Days of Tafree (2016) Critic & Audiences Reaction

Surprisingly, the movie gathered favourable response from the audience especially the school and college goers who reacted in a positive manner. Just opposite to it, the critics from all over gave inadequate response thus stating it as the weak movie with no good thing about it. Few of them gave million dollars smile when asked about the review or rating. Well, let’s see what’s next kept in Days of Tafree fate in the upcoming days.

Days of Tafree (2016) Movie Rating

Critic Rating: 1.5 out of 5

Audiences Response: 3 out of 5

Direction: 1.75 out of 5

Acting: 1 out of 5

Music: 2 out of 5

Days of Tafree (2016) Opening Day Total Box Office Collection

Released in most of the globe (Oh My!), the brand new Hindi language film witnessed very minute public wandering around to buy the tickets. Well, if you see the box office windows vacant don’t get surprised as the public have much better things to do, especially shelling out bucks in multiplexes along with time. This intolerable 2 hour 15 minutes circus titled as Days of Tafree has generated revenue of Rs. 35 lakhs on the opening day total box office collection on a worldwide basis.

Days of Tafree (2016) 2nd Day Worldwide Box Office Collection

Younger section of the society has favourably preferred the film, as it comprises of fun, frolic, zest, etc. quite common among the students. The movie also reminds them of their old days or rather retaliate to present situations of days spent in college or schools. Despite receiving bad reviews from critics as well as several audiences, the younger lot actually rejoiced after watching Days of Tafree. However, the film witnessed slightly increase in the movie collection as most of the hall was jammed with students. So, with a varied emotions Days of Tafree 2nd day worldwide, box office collection has generated revenue of Rs. 56 lakhs. 

Days of Tafree (2016) 3/4th Days Total Box Office Collection

Despite gathering pretty satisfactory response from the younger lot/ audiences and hard-headed reactions from the critics, the respective Hindi language film had a bad day in context of worldwide collection. The movie failed to live up to the expectation even being attempting to be similar to 2014-hit ‘Yariyaan’. In fact, in few regions in abroad it has already been taken down due to it’s poor response and viewership. In rest of India, it is struggling at best to breath in the box office windows with mere 32% of screen share in the country. There re seldom Bollywood flicks which turns up to be disastrous and this is undoubtedly one of them. Therefore, Days of Tafree 3/4th days total box office collection has generated revenue of Rs. 44 lakhs. 

Days of Tafree (2016) The Bouquet Factor or the Brickbat Factor

Frankly speaking and undoubtedly with an open heart honestly and comprehensively the Brickbat factor. The latest Hindi film has nothing positive about as well as attractive to serve on a platter. If one is eager to watch the movie, first look at the trailer and even if you like the film, then at your own risk, seriously. It will literally make you suffer bad, really bad thus willing to snatch your hair by the time it ends.

Days of Tafree (2016) Final Verdict

After the compilation of such wonderous-full movie, there is no corner left actually to demean it. The bogus acting, mediocre plot, slow pace and illogical adulteration will make one scream over the screen. Well, it seldom we give a piece of advice and this time, it is whole-hearted way, Don’t watch and if so, at your own risk. Good luck!

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