Dance Moms Season 7: Jojo Siwa Discontinuing From the Show

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Dance Moms Season 7

The American dancing reality TV series Dance Moms season 7 has garnered pretty good viewership along with appreciation from all over the world. Premiered in Lifetime, the show features one of the prestigious dancing schools owned by Abby Lee Dance Company with the demanding owner and coach Abby Lee and his dancing preteen dancers and their moms. The show’s sole backup is the moms always arguing and competing for their daughters’ talent and success. The favourite show went ahead for a renewal thus introducing Dance Moms season 7, all over again. So, let’s discuss the air date, revelations, latest updates, etc. regarding the show.

The popular dance reality show continues with its season 7 thus having the most recent competition at Dublin High School. Abby Miller who won the competition took to her social profile thus to make an announcement. The only thing that struck the entire crew team, as well as the audiences, was that Jojo Siwa was missing from the show. So, when contacted the favourable sources, it came as a confirmation that the dancer would be discontinuing from the show with all probabilities. Earlier, in another season she went missing thus returning back for the upcoming season. So let’s wait and watch whether Jojo Siwa will be returning or even, participating in season 7 of Dance Moms.

The show gained the pretty good amount of popularity in its previous season with a rating of  4.6 out of 10 given by IMDb based on 4,765 voters with 37 from viewers and 7 from critics. SideReel gave a score of 3.4 out of 5 along with Metacritic gave a rating of 54 out of 100. The following grabbed the attention of almost 1 million viewers with an increase of up to 2 million viewers by its last season.

Premiering from January 2016, the season 6 of Dance Moms with more than a million viewership in its first few episodes. Dance Moms season 7 taking the dance reality to new heights, still a dilemma pertaining as to whether Jojo Siwa would continue in the show or not. Also, if the students continue to be coached with a tutor might be troublesome as few of them have already started getting offended by Abby Lee Miller mistreatment. Moreover, in the recent past when Abby took a break then reports came as there was no stiffness, yelling, screaming and everything went under normal circumstances.

However, Abby reverts the opposite stating as the students are the one who often mistreats her hence unfollowing the rules, disciplines and so on. Lifetime is under struggles whether to continue with the dancing reality show or not as the tiff between Abby Lee and her students are increasing day by day. Also, the choreography done by Abby in the past episodes failed miserably as she couldn’t even outline their routine dances. As per reliable sources, Abby did not prefer to preach from outside of routine but still ask the girls to push a little bit more so as to perform perfectly in a technical manner.

Well, whatsoever the claims may be such as Abby Lee mistreating the girls or the girls disobeying the rules, Lifetime will give the confirmation soon whether to settle down with the renewal of Dance Moms season 8 or simply discontinue with the American reality show. Dance Moms season 7 air every Tuesday at 9/8 central on Lifetime.

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