Poverty is the biggest crime in India! Yes and if one is that kind of a criminal he or she may get killed too! As simple as that! The murder case of a Dalit couple in Mainpuri, a village in Uttar Pradesh has revealed the shocking condition of the societal structure and the level of poverty in India, one more time.


Bharat had a respiratory problem and thus the mother Mamata is the main earning member of the family of five. Bharat Singh and Mamta had just Rs 5 in their pockets to eat on that fatal day. But when the shopkeeper Ashok Mishra saw they are buying biscuit from another shop nearby, he claimed his money. Bharat Singh and Mamta had bought things a few days back and had a debt of 15 rupees. As they both denied of having any extra money as the only 5 rupees they had was for the food for them for the day, Ashok, the upper-class grocery shopkeeper failed to keep his cool came back with an axe and slaughtered them over the pending payment of Rs 15. Milan 18, Rahul, 15, Ranjit, 13 and Lallu, 8, the kids of the deceased parents are still in shock.

The main accused Ashok Mishra and his wife Rajni got caught, but Ashok has no regrets according to the superintendent of police Dev Ranjan Verma. The security in the village has been increased, and police have been appointed to protect the three children. Milan, the elder daughter, is married, and now she has no clue how to survive with the little kids as the in-laws of her may not allow them to stay with them as they are too have a destitute condition.

The Government has promised a 5 lakh help to the family, but the sister has no clue when and how they will get that. But she assures that she will take care of the kids.

Now is paying 5 lakh is enough for the Government to sublime the bigger responsibility? What will be the future of the children who lost their parents? And more importantly how the stability of the society can be ensured where things are so murky yet!

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