‘Crumpling and crashing and screaming’: What it was like on board Washington’s derailed Amtrak train

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An Amtrak train tipped over on Monday. One of the passengers Aleksander Kristiansen was coming out of the bathroom when things started getting shattered and he had a feeling that something wrong is happening.

Suddenly, few of the passengers started to scroll in the air, also windows were getting cracked people started screaming and finally, the train went to dark. The train cars also fell down on the overpass and landed over many of the motorists who were traveling interstate 5, about 50 miles south of Seattle.

Kristiansen, from Copenhagen, jumped about 6 feet to get out of his case and was finally able to escape successfully. As this derailment happens to take place on the train’s inaugural run, 3 people died. The train was running at the speed of 81mph. It was a $180 million project that got vanished.


One of the passengers “Scott Claggett” gave the following statement:

“I crawled underneath a table and at that point, I was wishing and praying that it was going to stop because I’m still alive — I think — you know because it’s just so surreal.”

Some of the motorists, who witnessed the crash, stopped and helped the stacked passengers.

Daniel Konzelman who is 24-year-old accountant was driving parallel to the train on his way to work in Olympia was 30 seconds ahead of the train when he saw it derail.


Konzelman, another person who was driving with a friend that they saw three cars along with a semi-truck on the freeway, that got damaged in this derailment. Also, train cars with ripped off roofs tipped upside down on both sides of the track.

Just for the sake of humanity, they both climbed into train cars and helped the hurt people. He gave a below statement:

“I just wanted to help people because I would want people to help me, I’m an Eagle Scout. I have a lot of first-aid training and emergency response training”

He further added:

“I prepared for the worst and hoped for the best. I saw a little bit of both,” he said.

Another person “Emma Shafer” from Vancouver, B.C., was riding in car 7 and crawled out onto Interstate 5 after the derailment. He also commented on this situation. He said:

“This can’t be happening,”

Though she recalled thinking. She lost her wallet, shoe, and her phone. Still, she added:

“Thankfully, a lot of people helped out, a lady found my phone. Another person found my other shoe.”

Passengers who were traveling through cars got the worst of the injuries, Official count of injured and dead people is still to be disclosed by the authorities.

Many of the people like “Chris Karnes” were on a Christmas shopping when they witnessed the train car crashed into an embankment. He added:

“We could hear crumbling and crashing and screaming from people. The lights went out,”

He also added:

“There are people who seem to have concussions and there’s a lot of blood on their faces.”

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