Creative Ideas for Making a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

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Kitchen is the most visited place of the house. Let’s not just stereotype it as a woman’s place, but men equally crave to enter it in the pursuit of getting scrumptious meals. Making a small kitchen look bigger is an inflated challenge, but one that can be completed successfully. Certainly, we won’t be suggesting ways to increase the area per square foot, but ways through which you can make the place look classy and magnificent.

Have you decided to change the place? If yes, then we are here to give some great suggestions. However, don’t be a cheap hand for the hour. If you want to change the dynamics of the place, then you surely will have to shred some extra money from your pocket.

Go through our creative ideas to change the view of your kitchen:

Bes ideas to Creative Ideas for Making a Small Kitchen

Replace Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting is very pivotal in uplifting the look of the place. If you have those old conventional bulbs installed, then you better change them. Replace them with LED lights or kitchen chandeliers, which not only look beautiful but also make space look bigger. You can consult interesting kitchen lighting ideas from the web according to your preferences.

Stick to one color Tone

Don’t mistake the “multi-color” syndrome as a good option for your kitchen. Choose one color and apply the theme over the place. If you have decided to go with white and cream color, then make sure that your kitchen walls, counter tops, and cabinets are of the same color. Overlapping multiple colors will give a confusing look.

Remove unwanted accessories

If you’re a nuclear family with just your spouse and kids, then you certainly don’t need to have multiple sets of the same utensils. However, if you’re a large family, then you can choose smart crockery from the market. Try to buy matching color crockery for your kitchen. If you have a baking oven and a stove in the kitchen, then you can easily replace the two with a kitchen range. Instead of working in two dimensions, you’ll be able to focus on one while cooking.

white kitchen

Try 3D wallpaper

This is one of the most widely used trends in the world. 3D wallpapers come in countless patterns and can easily uplift the look of the place. However keep one thing in mind, that a dark-colored pattern will make the place look more congested. If you want to go with this option, then try going for shiny or bright colors. You can easily make your kitchen look spacious with a beautiful themed wallpaper.

Install open shelves

Open shelves are a great way of housing many accessories of the kitchen. Instead of having those old medieval themed cabinets in the kitchen, it is better to have open shelves. They come in all variety and colors. Install open shelves near the kitchen counter so that everything is easily accessible.


Lastly, we would like to suggest you do what makes you comfortable. If you are about to shift to a new house, then the above-mentioned ideas are imperative. However, if you want to change your current place, then you will have to make some important choices in terms of replacing certain things.

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