Couple breaks off wedding after fight over Narendra Modi

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wedding after fight over Narendra Modi

There are many reasons that a couple would break off a wedding after being engaged to each other. Many failed engagements involve disputes over issues involving families. However, a difference of opinion, on whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi is responsible for the economic slowdown in India, is probably the strangest reason to break off an engagement.

The youth of India is engaging in politics and although their involvement is encouraging to others to voice their opinions on issues that would affect the country, breaking off engagements over this difference of opinion is unheard of. A couple in Uttar Pradesh took politics way too seriously and decided to break off the engagement when the bride blamed Narendra Modi for the economic slump in India while the groom was a Modi supporter and refused to agree with the bride, leading to a heated argument and ultimately, a partition in their ways.

Although names and locations have not been revealed, the groom was a businessman based in Uttar Pradesh and was set to marry a government employee. They had decided to meet at a temple to finalize all arrangements of the wedding and got into a discussion about the economic situation of India. The argument caused them to agree on not marrying each other and much to the shock of their respective families, the couple informed the families that the wedding was off.

The past couple of years have seen some bizarre reasons for breaking-ups of weddings and engagements. From something as weird as lack of a loo in the house to the groom’s inability to solve a mathematical problem, the reasons are only getting weirder. The only silver lining in this situation is that the youth is worried about the future of our country and is willing to take their stance on political matters to the extent that they are now calling off their weddings.

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