Corning Gearing Up To See New Heights With Gorilla Glass 5

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Gorilla Glass 5

Superglass manufacturing company Corning is gearing up with the new Gorilla glass 5, which will see significant improvement in drop performances from devices falling on rough surfaces. The company has uploaded a video which makes a fair demonstration of the newer, more durable glass.


It will be an advancementon the earlier Gorilla glass 4, which was designed to withstand drops from a height equivalent to the average waist length (around 1 metre). Corning says that people are more likely to drop their mobile devices from heights ranging from the shoulder to the waist, which makes sense when we look at the fact in thecontext of today’s selfie-maniacs. According to the manufacturers, the new glass will be able to withstand a fall from a height of 1.6 metres onto rough surfaces 80 percent of the time, without posing a hindrance to the image quality of the device.


However, there are a few conditions that are to be considered before rejoicingabout the invincibility that you may think is likely to be bestowed on your phone. Corning has achieved the 80 percent success rate on pieces of glass that were 0.6 mm thick, so designs that call for thicker or thinner glasses are bound to see a difference in results.

Another notablefactor is that Corning has been testing glasses by dropping them onto uneven surfaces flat on their face, but dropping the same on its side may result in cracks.

John Bayne, Corning’s vice president and general manager, emphasises that a lot will depend on how the glass is packed into a device and also the overall design of the phone.Also with more exposed edges in 3D designs, one would have to be more careful.

What can be gathered from all this is that the manufacturer of the device willhave an equal part to play by incorporating the glass into their designs in ways that will see them deliver optimum results. While Corning works with some manufacturers throughout the design process to ensure best results, others are more guarded about their procedures.

The glass that first came into the market around 2007 is now used on over 4billiondevices around the world, including devices frommanufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Lenovo and Asus among others. Corning says we should hear more about the glass in upcoming months; this makes us wonder what the first smartphone sporting the Gorilla glass 5 will be, especially with so many new launches lined up around the exact same timescape.

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