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Alone we can do so little, Together we can do so much.

We at Fabnewz, believe in teamwork only. For us “Teamwork makes the Dream Work”. In this page, we will try to give all of you a glimpse of our team members who work day and night to cover and present breaking news to you. We would like to know our team and us personally, and that’s why we thought that it would be an exquisite idea to build a dedicated “meet the team” page for Fabnewz. We hope you all like the idea and keep supporting us.

The Excellent Editors

Abhilash Thakur
Editor in Chief (Technology)
Abhilash aka MD is the main engine of the team. He is passionate and is the best at what he does. He produces so much energy at work that sometimes we manage to achieve unbelievable targets before scheduled time with ease.
Amit Bhattacharjee
Editor in Chief (Politics)
Blue caps of the team tagged him as the specialist of political and business affairs. These two things are co-related with each other. Politics creates the paths for business and business drives the world's politics.
Amit Dey
Editor in Chief (Sports)
Meet Aditya, a crazy guy who loves to write about technology news, political affairs and sports events. He's a budding entrepreneur from India, and he loves to travel and write as much as possible.
Aranyak Ghosh
Editor in Chief (Entertainment)
Aranyak loves to write about games, consoles, gadgets and more. He loves to trek and lives life on a high note. He is carefree, agile and the Mr. dependable of the team.

The Waxy Writers

Saikat Mitra
Senior Content Writer
Saikat is a sports maniac who also has keen interests in modern day technologies. Apart from sports and technologies , he loves to travel new places, wants to master new languages, tastes different cuisine and also have a knack to play the drums.
Sufia Banu
Content Writer
Sufia aka "Swag" is the coolest member of the team. She drinks a lot of tea, spends an unhealthy amount of time daydreaming. At Fabnewz, she covers technology and sports.
Devanjana Mukherjee
Content Writer
Devanjana is the most hard working member of the team. She's often called as "Dedicated Devanjana". She loves watching animated movies, reading novels of various authors and dancing to the tunes of the nature.
Nibedita Chanda
Content Writer
A writing enthusiast who loves to read and travel, has a keen interest in movies, a big time foodie. She is demanding at times but the sweetest of all.

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