Conviction Season 1 Episode 9 Spoilers and Speculations: Hayes and Wallace Will Keep You Intrigued Throughout

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Conviction Season 1 Episode 9:The previous episode of the ongoing season of Conviction ended with a cliffhanger and since then the fandom has been anxiously waitingfor Conviction Season 1 Episode 9 to hit the television screens. The eight episodeof the series titled as Bad Dealsfocused on Sierra Macy’s case, a resident of Queens who went missing 10 years back. And now Conner Wallace will bring another case to the CIU in Conviction Season 1 Episode 9.


Wallace Will Introduce the Case of Earl Slavitt to the CIU in Conviction Season 1 Episode 9

The viewers have a lot to look forward to the happenings of Conviction Season 1 Episode 9 titled A Different Kind of Deathas it will keep them on the edge of their seats while focusing on the case of Earl Slavitt. According to the official plot synopsis, Slavitt is held as the murderer of Tom Simon who was a federal prosecutor and also used to be one of the closest friends of Wallace. And now that there are only 5 days left for the execution, the core team of CIU will be witnessed gearing up to figure out the errors in the case. On the other hand, Hayes and Wallace will be challenged on a different level, as the case will end on a shocking note.

The recently released promo of Conviction Season 1 Episode 9 promises the fans to keep up with the potency level of the plot line by keeping them hooked on to it throughout. And it can be speculated from the promo that Hayes will try her utmost to save the convict as she says “We’ll see about that” when asked not to save Earl.

And with such revelations, the viewers are now eagerly waiting to get more insight into the happenings of Conviction Season 1 Episode 9.

Each and every episode of Conviction Season 1 has kept up with the expectations of the fans. And now the showrunners are escalating the intensity of its plot line with the delivery of the new episodes. Therefore the curiosity buds of the viewers have been tickled this time as well. And the approaching episode of the seriesA Different Kind of Deathwill bring in a lot more for the viewers.

The key characters of the series include Hayes Morrison, Conner Wallace, Maxine Bohenand Sam Spencer; each one of them does utmost justice to the plot line of the series by standing out in their own rights.

Conviction Season 1 Episode 9 will be telecast on December 5 on ABC.

Check out the promo forConviction Season 1 Episode 9 below

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