Coldplay India Tour: Five Under-rated Coldplay Songs We Want Chris Martins to sing in November’s concert

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Coldplay India Tour

Coldplay’s concert in India which is rumoured to be held on the 19th of November so far is easily one of the most talked about things among music lovers and indifferent people alike in the country. The concert which, according to certain reports will be held in Mumbai has got almost everyone looking for a confirmed date, ticket prices and venue confirmation to grab a front seat view to watch Chris Martin and his band live.

The band was in Delhi in June last year when they did an impromptu gig in a cafe and broke the hearts of many fans. They had again visited in September to shoot  for their video Hymn for the Weekend which starred Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor and International pop sensation Beyonce.

The British band, who have won 62 awards from 209 nominations throughout their career, have a total of seven albums as a part of their discography plus singles from which they choose a handful to perform to in every concert they have throughout the world. With numerous chartbusters in form of songs like ‘ A Sky full of Stars’, ‘Yellow’ and ‘Fix you’ among other, Coldplay has always been THE band to instil positivity in every music lover’s band. Apart from all these songs which have been widely critically appreciated among the mass, there are also songs which a lot of people are not familiar with. And if performed here in India, these just might become the jam for a host of people in the country.

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Here’s a look at five of Coldplay’s lesser-know songs which we heartily want them to perform at the concert in November:

The Youtube links of the songs have been provided along with the lyrics for you to get acquainted with them before (and if) you see them perform the same in November, LIVE!

Amazing Day:

This track from Coldplay’s album  ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ pairs up breathtaking music with amazing lyrics which results in one of Coldplay’s most soulful ballads. Martin’s voice creates an aura of positivity and the song oozes with optimism. A perfect listen for any person tired after a long day or even someone having a bad day.

Chris Martin captioned this song saying “The day when we question our existence in the universe…”

As the song says “Life is a Beautiful Crazy Design”

Swallowed in the Sea:

“Swallowed in the Sea” is a part of Coldplay’s third studio album X & Y which was released back in 2005. This song can be termed as an example of perfection which Coldplay so often delivers with their music. Everything about it is incredibly beautiful. The instrumental work, the lyrics, Chris Martin’s voice. The song starts off on an incredibly soft note and the perfect pickup of the instruments in the middle is ecstatic. The ending again on a very soft note is as close to perfect as it can get.  The lyrics are perfectly poised and aimed at pain and suffering, yet put in a very beautiful and optimistic way which will make you fall in love with the song. Sadly, the song didn’t get much popular to the likes of chartbusters like ‘Fix You’, ‘Talk’ and ‘Speed of Sound’ belonging to the same album.


A perfect song of love and heartbreak blended together, Ink by Coldplay is under-rated. Wildly. Terribly. Right from the beginning drumbeats to the ending chorus the song is sheer magic, especially for people who crave songs on heartbreak and reconciliation. The song signifies about the pain caused by heartbreak and how it goes to stay on forever just like a tattoo cannot be removed just by will, that the suffering stays on and that it’s best to embrace it before it consumed you. Another piece of sheer brilliance by Matins resulted in this song from their sixth album Ghost Stories.


From the tracklist of Ghost Stories comes another one of Coldplay’s most mysterious tracks. Perhaps their most mysterious. Midnight is something that can be literally termed out of this world.  It exudes the same passion as their other stuff, even though it is so different. From the hypnotic electronic pulse to heavily processed vocals to the darkest lyrics Chris has ever written, Midnight will put you in a trance. And for to be really specific, a beautiful trance where you will see hope. Rolling Stones Cory Grow compared Martin’s vocals to Peter Gabriel “as he sings about darkness, while the synths build throughout the track before a skittery, rave-like keyboard line flits about noisy static”. Midnight  brought out Coldplay at their most spacious and ambient, stripped down to a ghostly essence.

O (Fly on):

Coldplay’s sixth studio album Ghost Stories has a host of mysterious tracks and is probably their darkest album ever. The sinister feeling on listening to the tracks of this album is unparalleled some Coldplay fanatics have even termed the album to be addictive and their best in terms of overall composition and ambience. Right toward the end of the album is a track called and there is no mistake that it is definitely one of their best pieces of work till date. Chris Martin in an interview with Zane Lowe, defined “O” his “favourite piece of music made by Coldplay” and for people who have never heard the song, it is a sore miss. A beautiful piano ballad coupled with amazingly crafted lyrics, ‘O’ has the ability to bring peace to the most restless of minds. A Coldplay song that is gauranteed to give you goosebumps, ‘O’ will touch you. Not just on one but on so many levels.

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