CNN To Boycott The White House Christmas Celebrations

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President Donald Trump has called the CNN ‘dishonest’, ‘fake news’, and ‘a disgrace to good reporting’ among other things and this has been going on for months. However, this calling out to the network has gotten intense ever since Donald Trump started running his campaign for the presidency. This has led to the network boycotting the Christmas party that Donald Trump will be hosting at the White House for the first time. The fruits of the abuse that the President has continued to heap on the network have finally been sold in the form of a boycott.

A CNN spokesperson for Politico said that CNN would not be attending the Christmas party in the light of the President’s continued attacks on the freedom of the press and CNN and that the network did not feel that it was appropriate for them to celebrate it with him as invited guests. However, the spokesperson said that the network will be sending a team of reporters to report any news about the event if there is anything to report. The White House, on the other hand seemed pleased with this news,White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeting that it was finally a good news from CNN.

The annual Christmas party at the White House has been a long time tradition for the news networks to socialize with the staff and people at the White House. However, the relationship between President Trump and CNN has soured to the extent that the network is not willing to put aside the differences that they have with the President to celebrate the holidays together. Just the last weekend, Trump had accused CNN of painting a poor picture of America to the world to which CNN retorted by saying that it was Trump’s job to represent the image of America to the world and their only job is to report what the facts are.

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