Cloud VPS Is So Famous, But Why?

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Cloud VPS

Cloud VPS hosting has taken off in the past few years. More businesses are turning towards cloud VPS solutions, as compared to traditional web hosting or physical server setups.

But why is that the case? What benefits does cloud VPS offer as compared to the competition, and how is it changing the way companies are doing business?

If your company is about to go with a traditional VPS solution, you may want to change your minds. Here are a few reasons why cloud VPS is so useful and gaining so much fame.

  1. Affordable Yet Powerful

Cloud VPS hosting is one of the cheapest ways that you can get the services that you need. Providers will give you many plans to choose from, and you can easily adjust your server power and bandwidth depending on your needs. Even if you need more power for a few hours, you can make that happen with a slight increase in payment.

Cloud VPS servers run like dedicated servers as well, which means you have your own CPU power and RAM. The way others are using their own sites does not matter to you, as the only thing that impacts your resources is what you are doing. That allows you to choose a plan that best fits your needs.

  1. Adaptive and Accessible

The great thing about going with a cloud VPS host like IO Zoom is the way that you can change your settings and features. You can easily add more services, such as more RAM, CPU performance, bandwidth and hard drive space. You do not have to migrate your site each time you are getting more power, which can happen with some other solutions. You can also add software that works with your site on the fly, with your cloud VPS host helping you with the installation and setup.

Cloud VPS

Despite all these great features, everything is so accessible. Say you have no experience in setting up a website or using a VPS. It is not a problem. You can even work with a basic setup like WordPress with added features, and your VPS host will help you get your site up and running.

  1. Reliable and Secure

As an online business, your website is so critical to how you are perceived by your target market. Whether someone is thinking about doing business with you, or they bought something from you in the past, the way your site performs will have a big impact on what they think of you. If you have a slow site that struggles during heavy traffic spells and is often down, you will not be gaining any new customers. Even your old customers may go elsewhere.

In contrast, a site that is always running smoothly and is almost never down is going to give you a leg up on your competition. People will see that you have a professional site that is running flawlessly, and it will give them a much better impression of your business. And that is what you can achieve with a top cloud VPS solution.

Security is no issue either. Your data and operations are secure, as your CPU, RAM and hard drive portions are isolated. And the best cloud VPS providers have multi-layered security mechanisms to prevent hacking, data theft and/or DDoS attacks.

  1. Data Backup Options

Even with the best setup and all necessary precautions, things can go wrong. Perhaps there is an issue where the provider’s physical servers are located. A natural disaster can cause such problems. Or maybe there is a system failure. A hack or DDoS attack can penetrate even the most well-guarded systems. That is why you must have a backup plan in place to ensure that if something goes wrong, your site can be up and running in minutes.

The good news is that a top cloud VPS host is going to offer you so many backup options. You will have to do your research and pick the best option, but that is not a problem. Your host is even going to help you get the backups setup so that the most technologically challenged businesses can have the protection they need in this virtual space.

  1. Speed and Control

Thanks to a cloud VPS solution, you have so much control over how you are using your server. You can install whatever operating system and control panel you want, and you get root access. You can install whatever applications and programs you want. So long as you are within the terms of service, you are good to go.

The speed that you get with a cloud VPS solution is also unparalleled. You can get those extra resources when you need them – and that will ensure your site is operating smoothly and rapidly even if there is a massive surge in traffic.

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