Choose These Lovely Flowers Other Than Roses to Express Love for Your Partner in Singapore

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It is really a critical task to express love to the man or woman who has been your eye candy for some time. As you are going to propose your infinite love to your beloved guy or girl, there is no chance for any error in order to make a fantastic first impression.

Flowers are the most loved choices when it comes to confessing your infinite love for your dear ones.  Here are the few types of flowers that are exceptional in terms of their beauty and power to capture the instant attention of your dear ones.

Peonies- These charming and fluffy blooms are related to a variety of emotions such as a romance, prosperity and bashfulness. They are also known as a symbol of good luck and charm for any recipient on various occasions.

In case, your beloved girl is in another city, take the help of an efficient flower delivery in Singapore to send the perfect flowers for her.    


Ranunculus- Also known as “buttercups”, they are known to symbolise the charm, attraction and radiance. Sending this fantastic bouquet of flowers can convey the special meaning which says, “I am dazzled by your charms.”

These colourful and swirly flowers are best to represent your interest and fascination for your dear ones.  

Gerbera Daisies- If you want to buy flowers in Singapore that can express beauty, innocence and purity in a perfect manner, it is a right time to go for these extraordinary daisies.

These appealing flowers are further available in a variety of tones that can capture the instant attention of any individual in an effortless manner.   

Tulips- These exceptional flowers are a perfect symbol of love and romance. It has got an amazing beauty and looks that can give a tough fight to beautiful roses.

If you are too bored of sending roses to your partner on Valentine’s Day, it would be a good idea to try charming tulips as an alternative. They further represent the comfort and warmth in a relationship.  

Alstroemeria- The amazing flower is known to represent the unmatched beauty and grace with their long-lasting, attention-grabbing petals.

They are also known by the name of Peruvian lilies that symbolize friendship and devotion. The magnificent flower is a native to South America and showcases multiple blooms per stem that gives an extraordinary flower arrangement.

You can easily deliver them at any desired location with the help of best flower delivery in Singapore and other places in Singapore.   

Casa Blanca lilies- With their unmatched beauty, class and style, these extraordinary oriental lilies can depict the feelings of love and romance in a wonderful manner.

You can send them as standalone bunches or can mix them up with other beautiful flowers for a classic bouquet.

Don’t stick to roses only in order to convey your love and romance, you can also try out these exceptional flowers that are equally charming like roses. So, avail an excellent flower delivery in Singapore and impress your partner in an effortless manner.     

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