China To Restore Roads Connecting India, China & Myanmar

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China & Myanmar

Roads connecting three countries altogether is not a cake walk but if joined hands to restore it appropriately nothing is impossible. On Thursday Chinese delegates conferred to media that restoration work of Stilwell road, which connects India, China and Myanmar should be started as soon as possible. The road was considered as mandatory path during Second World War but left attended for such a long time-period.


The Stilwell Road starts from Ledo in Upper Assam, India continuing towards Kachin and Bhamo in Mid Myanmar thus entering China via Lungling and Yungping in Southwest China’s Yunnanyi’s Province. The entire length of the roadway is 1,800 kilometres.

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The reason to mend the long path all over again is to increase economic significance between the three countries South Asia, South-East Asia as well as East Asia. The step would mark as intense apprehension against faulty movements especially terrorism and illegal immigration and cross-border activities.

Currently, the historic road is in a dangerous condition. Suggested name given byKuomintang leader Chiang Kai-shek, it was changed to Stilwell road from Ledo road. Myanmar has already started part-wise construction work but is unable to mend it appropriately reason being minimal funding and lack of technology resources. On the other hand, high on technology and resources, China has completed its entire section of road construction from Kunming to the Sino-Myanamese border. Consents from India government is still under referral processes.

Myanmar has successfully constructed its unused roads with the help of China with outstanding financial, technological and resource support. The roadway build has started from Sino-Myanamese border toMyitkyina, an area coming under the affluence of India. Though India has not yet reverted on the matter, Chinese delegatory are trying best to convince.

The pathways starting from Bhamo and Myitkyina are barely used; thus, the state government of Assam has yet not taken into consideration. A portion of the road has constructed tough improperly, but Myanmar government needs more funds to finalise it. Also,the presence of Indian and Myanmarese ethnic insurgents in the area may hamper the construction works.

The sole reason behind India’s lack of interest in this matter is easy commuting through borders. The authoritative bodies toned down with decisions because the path where the construction work starts i.e. Assam comes under the province of local militants and trading of China- made products might have access to the country overnight.

Moreover, government concerns got sub lined as it turned sides towards Look East policy, an initiative taken by New Delhi government, where Eastern India’s predetermined conditions will be scrutinised thus providing them with stability in the northeast region, better communication, advance processing of strategies and well-functioning life cycle system. Thus, Assam has accepted the initiative and started construction of roads.

Government officials from all three countries agreed on the fact that China being a developed country ought to provide the significant portion of building items. Setting up a joint dialogue mechanism is a must, where all the problems and concerns should be discussed and negotiated. Making peace with ethnic resurgence is also one of the main concerns so that solutions could withhold.

India, China and Myanmar’s one roadway initiative might make peace among the three countries taking the level of trading and communication a niche higher.Driven by the economic potential and the need to reinforce transport network in the region, an increasing clamour of voices are calling for the restoration of the Stilwell Road.

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