China To Provide 9 Billion USD To Bangladesh

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China To Provide 9 Billion USD To Bangladesh

Bangladesh in its current emergency state is likely to seek help from one of its neighbouring countries. China would provide a loan of 9 billion USD to Bangladesh eventually at low-interest rate. The whopping amount will be used for building 6 rail projects including one in border attached to India.

The project for which the amount has been sanctioned will support in transforming infrastructure of the country through appropriate connectivity from Capital city Dhaka to other major Industrial regions or areas as well as Indian borders.

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Earlier, China agreed on providing over a lump-sum amount of 30 billion USD for the upgradation of railway system making it modern like other developing countries. China is highly active so as to play an active role in development. The proposed rail system would unduly affect the mending of Silk Road which is currently in very bad state. The respective road would connect India, China and Myanmar through roadways. The railway route connecting major cities with Dhaka including Indian border would simply adhere to the plan further.

Moreover, Bangladesh has become a hot-spot for development thus grabbing lot of attention in aspect of growth amid geopolitical differences between Beijing and New Delhi. China’s strategic intention to extend its trade in Asia through roadways and railways has erupted much of debates and still raises brows of many, but is worthy of all debates. Although Indian government have not yet reverted on this matter (Silk Road issue) due to age-old rivalry with the country.

On a recent event, PM Narendra Modi opened gates for cross-border trade between India and Bangladesh hence providing many Bangladeshi refugees Indian nationality. Though at this peak time, growing friendship between China ands Bangladesh may increase uncomfortable feelings in India with certainly unexpressed but increased economic interaction might play pivotal role in putting pressure to co-operate in contributing in development as well as paying more attention in strengthening relationship economically with its neighbouring countries including Bangladesh.

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