Chevrolet Beat Activ Vs Honda Brio: Honda’s Triumphant Run Continues Unabated, Know Why Here

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Chevrolet Beat Activ Vs Honda Brio

Chevrolet has looked to upgrade its product portfolio in India with the Beat Activ. The Honda Brio, on the other hand, has been on the market for quite some time now. Between the two cars, there is very little to choose from. However, we have tried to make the process of choosing the best car for you a tad simpler. We believe in letting you have the last say when it comes to buying a car. The two cars in this comparison are both from the same segment and we have compared the petrol engined version of the cars.

Chevrolet Beat Activ Vs Honda Brio: Engine and Transmission

The new Chevrolet Beat Activ has a4 Cylinder In-Line DOHC petrol engine, which has a displacement of1199cc. The maximum power output of the Chevy engine is77 bhp@6200 rpm. The Honda Brio, on the other hand, has aSOHC I-VTEC Petrol engine, also with four cylinders. The engine has the same displacement. The Honda Brio has a more powerful engine, at87 bhp@6000 rpm. The torque of the Honda engine is also higher at109 Nm@4500 rpm compared with the Chevrolet Beat Activ’s engine at106 Nm@4400 rpm. Both the cars have theFWD transmission. The Honda Brio beats the Chevrolet Beat Activ in this round.

Chevy Beat Activ
The Chevrolet Beat Activ

Chevrolet Beat Activ Vs Honda Brio: Exterior and Interior Design

The Chevrolet Beat Activ is a very handsome car. The Honda Brio boast of leather upholstery, however. The Honda Brio is also slightly taller than the Chevy. On the other hand, the Chevrolet Beat Activ has a larger boot space when compared to the Honda Brio. The exteriors of the Honda Brio is also more fluid. The Brio, however, is slightly more heavy than the rival. Besides, the Honda Brio also has a bigger turning radius when compared to the Chevy. The looks of the two cars is subjective: varying customers have varying choices. The Chevrolet Beat Activ has a front fascia which has been updated. To sum it up, this round is a tie.

Chevrolet Beat Activ Vs Honda Brio: Safety Features

Both the Honda Brio and the Chevy Beat Activ have quality safety features. While not premium cars, the cars have been updated to include as many safety features as possible. With hill assist and an engine immobilizer, the Honda Brio scores big. The Honda Brio also has a tilt steering adjustment feature to compensate for the lack of the airbags and the ABS with EBD. With the added feature ofAverage Fuel Efficiency Indicator, the Honda Brio wins this round.

Chevrolet Beat Activ Vs Honda Brio: Price

The Honda Brio E MT, which we have compared here, costs Rs. 5.1 lakhs. The Chevrolet Beat Activ costs slightly less at Rs 4.71 lakhs. This is a very closely fought race. With the added advantage of tubeless radial tires, we believe that the Honda Brio is a better buy. Note that the Chevrolet Beat Activ is not very far behind. Let us know what you think in the comments below. You can read more about the Chevrolet Beat Activ here.

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