Charlie Hunnam Not Continuing in “Pacific Rim 2”, Blames Hollywood Politics

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Pacific Rim 2

It’s not the first time we hear the news regarding replacements of actors from one project to another in the entire film industry. And, when matter goes out of hand it definitely pulls you behind so as to not enter in such “games”. A similar situation faced by Hollywood charming Charlie Hunnam recently faced, resulting in not continuing in “Pacific Rim: Maelstrom” thus blaming Hollywood politics.

The actor who has given some of biggest blockbuster in Hollywood seemed quite trapped in the politics going on altogether hampering the qualitative work. The star candidly chatted with paparazzi revealing the core reason behind his absence from the upcoming franchise. Though the answer came in a very diplomatic manner, “Sons of Anarchy” star Charlie Hunnam sounded quite perturbed as well as frustrated thus reasoning as not continuing in Pacific Rim 2.

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According to Charlie Hunnam,They have a very definite schedule that they have to film because of the, you know, politics and business surrounding film making. Sometimes non-creative decisions will dictate how something unfolds, which seems [ass-backwards] in [the] fact that we’re making art, or aspiring to make art, but it unfortunately ended up being something we couldn’t remedy.

The star continued further adding that, Hollywood would definitely be his favorite place and this particular project (Pacific Rim 2) would also be equally special, but discontinuing in the film is totally related to business and politics. As gentleman as always, Hunman mostly kept mum when queried over “politics” thus requesting him to clear the air on the matter; but in vain.

The actor spoke in context of upcoming project stating as Pacific Rim 2 which will continue with incarnation similarly as in first part. Reportedly, Director Guillermo del Toro has roped in “Star Wars” star John Boyega for the next action sci-fi movie and most probably Nerdist might take over the work of Hunman in the film. Pacific Rim 2 is slated to hit silver screen on February 28, 2018.

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