Change Your Life: A Quick Guide to Moving to Hawaii

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Quick Guide to Moving to Hawaii

Moving to Hawaii will trigger a deep and meaningful change in your life. With its white-sand beaches, exquisite surf spots, waterfall hikes, and turquoise waves, it is no wonder why many dream of moving to this location. For others, trading the busy city schedule for the slower-paced Hawaiian lifestyle is not only a dream – but also their next move!

The first thing you need to know about Hawaii is that it is one of the few spots on Earth where all ethnicities or races are a minority! People from all over the world live on the Hawaiian Islands. Before making travel arrangements and booking one-way flights for the entire family to the Aloha State, here are a few things you should know.

Quick Guides to Moving to Hawaii

Find the Perfect Island

When looking for the best island neighborhood for you and your family to move in to, you need to consider lifestyle and amenities. If you love a secluded life, then Lanai is the best island for you; alternatively, Oahu features bustling activities while Kauai is ideal for nature lovers. With six major islands in Hawaii, you will definitely find one that fits your lifestyle.

Once you have figured out the best island for you and your family, the next thing is determining what you cannot live without. If you are not moving for retirement, choose an island that offers you plenty of Job opportunities that allow you to support your family. One such island is Oahu, which features some of the highest job salaries in the area but also the worst traffic due to a dense population.

Maui has the highest housing prices, but it also prides itself on having the lowest unemployment rate. Selecting the right island is important because you’re not only picking an island, but also lifestyle, so choose wisely.

Think like a Local

With all your bags packed, plane tickets ready, and a Hawaiian home waiting for you, you still need to consider a few more things that are critical. For starters, make sure you read up on resources about life in Hawaii, Guides like the one at Moving to Hawaii can make the transition seamless.

In addition, get a Hawaiian driver’s license as soon as you can and take advantage of discounts offered to locals at restaurants, shops, and hotels. Make a few new local best friends who will show you the best local sights, hidden hikes, and much more. When it comes to food, your friends can direct you to some of their local favorites and places to get the freshest local produce or fish.

However, remember that most residents on the islands are used to people coming and going from their hometowns, so be proactive and get to know them better. Your interactions are also the best way to learn more about the history, culture, and people of the area.

Quick Guides to Moving to Hawaii

Health Insurance

Another vital thing to consider is the Health insurance cost in Hawaii and other options available. Since most jobs are seasonal and tourism related, most employers hire contract-based or part-time workers without the health insurance benefits of a full-time position. However, employers are required to offer coverage to employees working more than 20 hours a week.


If you are dreaming of a life filled with friendly neighbors, warm breezes, and beaches that extend right into your backyard, then Hawaii is the place for you. And this quick guide above is full of tips and advice to help you move easily. Start with searching for the perfect island neighborhood, think locally and consider your health insurance options.

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