Chandigarh Takes A Step Forward Towards Fe-minism

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Chandigarh Takes A Step Forward Towards Fe-minism

Chandigarh: A Mumbai-based firm Arya Toll Infra recently secured a Rs. 14.78 crore contract with the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation to upgrade the city’s parking lots. The company came up with the idea of the parking lots being managed by the women of Chandigarh.

Sandeep Bohra, the project coordinator, adopted this plan for Chandigarh because of the reputation Chandigarh has for being safe for women as compared to other cities in India. He trusts women to accomplish whatever task is given to them and also feels that they are good at managing things.

This project aims to provide upliftment and employment to women in a field that had always been dominated by men. When it comes to driving, women have always been bullied and their parking abilities have been ridiculed. The company is all set to hire about 200 women to manage 25 parking lots around the city from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. post which men would take over the duty.

The parking lots managed by women would have upgraded CCTV cameras and every staff member would be registered on a WhatsApp group in which they could inform about any suspicious activity. The Sector 17 parking lot would be upgraded to a multi-level parking system and parking spaces could be pre-booked through an app to avoid the times spent on finding parking spaces. The app would also have an option to pay online for the parking space.

Arya Toll Infra is looking forward to making parking lots that are exclusively for women and will be managed by women too. They are being termed as ‘Pink Parking Lots’.

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