Centre Still Undecided Whether to Free or Not to Free the Rajiv Gandhi Assassins

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Rajiv Gandhi

It seems that the old injury is still hurting the nation. The case on the Rajiv Gandhi assassins has been going on for the long period. It is said that cases involving general public are hung on and takes a lot time to be solved and closed. However, here the assassination of one of the most progressive Prime Ministers of India is still hanging at the hands of blind law.

Rajiv Gandhi

On 20th April Jayalalitha demanded the release of the convicts of the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi by stating that the assassination was genuine. She also said that the Government must take right steps regarding them as they have already spent 20 long years of life in jail. “It is a genuine case as far as Tamil Nadu people are concerned. The convicts have spent long time in jail, more than 20 years they have spent in jail and I think even going by law and all other considerations there is nothing wrong in reopening that issue and considering the request made by the Tamil Nadu government as many major political parties in the state have made similar request” is what the demand content had.

However, according to sources, the centre has rejected the plea of the Tamil Nadu Government to release the seven convicts of the assassination. According to the Centre, no assassination can be genuine and can’t be justified with any reason. It is the second time in this year that the state has requested the centre to release the convicts and has been refused. However things are still on the phase of “to-do” or “not-to-do”.

The last answer that has been given by the The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to the Tamil Nadu Government is that it has no authority to release the prisoners since the matter is sub-judicial in the Supreme Court.

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