February 24, 2018

What To Do When You Accidentally Press The “Delete” Button

Nobody enjoys accidents, but they do happen. Just like when you want to delete certain files, but you end up pressing the “Delete” button for all the wrong files. Or you press this button without wanting to delete anything at all. The moment you realize what you’ve done, you can feel the sweat drops forming on your forehead. Suddenly, it …

Conversion for Mobile Devices with Movavi

If your smartphone or tablet won’t open a video, this means that it doesn’t have necessary codecs installed. This problem can be easily solved by simply converting the video with the settings optimized for your device. Here, in this article, we will tell you how to do it using Movavi Video Converter. General information about the program Movavi Video Converter …

Windows 10 Creators Update to be Launched in April 2017?

Windows 10 Creators Update

Tech enthusiasts across the world have been waiting for a number of new smartphones and other electronic gadgets to be released in the year 2017. Besides that, there are news and updates always coming in revealing information regarding the rolling out of the latest updates of software. And here we are with one such which reveals the fact that the …

Windows 11 Release Date, Concept and Features Revealed

windows 11

Windows 11: While Microsoft presented a lot of innovations and features in this year’s OS, Windows 10 is done. It’s over. And it’s time to move on to Windows 11. One of the things that keep haunting Windows fans these days is whether Windows 11 is coming on board or not. Some believe Microsoft will make a surprise announcement later this year …

Microsoft Windows 10 Update: What exactly is Unified Update Platform In the New Update?

Microsoft Windows 10 update

The next major Windows 10 update from Microsoft is significantly being made to smoothen things up for Windows users and the tech giants are leaving no stone unturned in their efforts this time. Microsoft has announced the details about the next-generation delivery technologies, which is incorporated into the latest Windows Insider build to experience the pre-release version of the software. The …

Windows 11 Release Date And Concept Revealed

microsoft windows 11

Windows 11: The free upgrade of Windows 10 ended yesterday and the demand for Windows 11 has already risen. After the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft had started work on its next OS. New rumors have emerged revealing the release date and concept of the upcoming Windows 11. We are hoping when the OS comes out fans will be allowed free …

AdBlock and Adblock Plus Extensions Coming in Edge Browser

For all Microsoft Edge browser users, good news is here for all of you. From now onwards you can get Adblock and Adblock Plus extensions to your favourite browser. It helps millions of net users avoid net advertisings while browsing. Till date there is nothing like this adblock extension for Microsoft Edge browser. Adblock and adblock plus is very popular …


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