February 24, 2018

Top necessary and Essential iOS Development Tools you should know about


IOS is Apple’s most advanced operating system, used all across the world by millions of iPhone users. Originally, iOS was designed exclusively to be used on Apple devices like iPhones, iPad, and iPods. iPhone offers a variety of applications to its users. IOS applications are bringing numerous fascinating trends for the future. Previously, the iOS used to work with C+ …

What To Do When You Accidentally Press The “Delete” Button

Nobody enjoys accidents, but they do happen. Just like when you want to delete certain files, but you end up pressing the “Delete” button for all the wrong files. Or you press this button without wanting to delete anything at all. The moment you realize what you’ve done, you can feel the sweat drops forming on your forehead. Suddenly, it …

Keeping your Smartphone Safe from Cyber Attacks

Cell phone security is the last thing on most people minds, but in today’s tech-savvy society, keeping your smartphone data safe is just as important as securing your desktop or laptop computer. Given the fact that we use our phones for everything from sending emails to online banking and casino games, the risk of identity theft and stolen credit card …

Conversion for Mobile Devices with Movavi

If your smartphone or tablet won’t open a video, this means that it doesn’t have necessary codecs installed. This problem can be easily solved by simply converting the video with the settings optimized for your device. Here, in this article, we will tell you how to do it using Movavi Video Converter. General information about the program Movavi Video Converter …

Apple TV 3 Jailbreak Not Possible – Pangu Update Might Help Jailbreak Apple TV 4

One term that has been quite extensively used when it comes to Apple’s latest devices is definitely Jailbreaking. Now for people not familiar with the notion, Jailbreaking refers to the removing of software restrictions imposed by  Apple’s operating system, on devices running it through the use of software over-riding tools. The process provides root access to the iOS file system, allowing the …

iOS 10 Update: Apple Releases First iOS 10.2 Public Beta With Tons of New Emojis

iOS 10.2 Public Beta

iOS 10 Update: Apple has released its first public beta version of iOS 10.2 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The update comes with a host of bug fixes and ton of new features like emojis, wallpapers, features about the camera, etc. The new iOS 10.2 includes Unicode 9.0 supports that pack several new emojis including selfie emojis. Several new features in the iOS …

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