February 23, 2018


Gamers: 7 Gifts to Ask for in 2018

If you’re a gaming nerd, you know well the trials of asking for gifts from people out of the loop. Sure, they mean well, but most of the time parents and loved ones just don’t have the insider info to buy you that perfect gift. You can remedy that in 2018 by giving them the exact specifications your require; and …

Nintendo Ends Wii U Production Because of Unpopularity

Nintendo Wii U

After months of speculation, Nintendo has finally announced they are closing down the production of Wii U. First spotted by Kotaku the company made the announcement in their officially Japanese site. “On Nintendo’s official Japanese site, the company has announced that production is scheduled to end soon,” the publication said. There are two Wii U consoles currently in production for Japan. As you can …

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