February 21, 2018
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Cloud VPS Is So Famous, But Why?


Cloud VPS hosting has taken off in the past few years. More businesses are turning towards cloud VPS solutions, as compared to traditional web hosting or physical server setups. But why is that the case? What benefits does cloud VPS offer as compared to the competition, and how is it changing the way companies are doing business? If your company …

Become an Ebay Power seller by Selling Consumer Returns

Ebay Power seller

A lot of people want to start their own business but don’t know how. Thanks to the internet, becoming an entrepreneur has become a piece of cake. Any person with an internet connection can easily open a store on eBay and start selling immediately. You might be wondering: Is it for me? Will I make enough profits? What do I …

Ivanka Trump’s Green Outfit Was A Major Disappoint On Second Day Of The Global Entrepreneur Summit

Ivanka Trump’s visit to Hyderabad has captured a lot of attention. There was a cleaning drive organized in Hyderabad with beggars, peddlers and street dogs expatriate and repositioned in the expectancy of the US President Donald Trump’s daughter’s visit. Ivanka Trump is presently in India to join the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 and will be eating with Prime Minister Narendra Modi tonight along with other …

Match Group is still in talks to acquire Bumble with a valuation over $1B

In August we reported from our sources that Match Group made an offer to acquire Bumble for $450M. Bumble declined the offer, and at the time a source close to the company suggested to TechCrunch that Bumble was actually valued at $1 billion. Now we’ve learned that these talks are still ongoing, with recent discussions centered around a valuation of “well over” $1B.  The …

China bans textile trade & limits its oil trade with North Korea:

In an official announcement, China said that it will no longer offer oil supply or buy textile from the politically isolated nation, North Korea. China is known to be the biggest trading partner of North Korea and also the sole source of hard currency. The ban laid on the textile buying will hit Pyongyang’s income significantly while the China’s oil …

Working The Casino

Everybody wants to do it right? Sack their job off and earn a living having fun. Imagine doubling your salary by simply going to the casino for a few days a week rather than slogging it out for 40 hours a week in the office. Well, keep imagining because it’s pretty much impossible, unless you become a poker pro or …

Trumped in America, Indian IT looks across the Atlantic

With their relationship with America going cold, India’s information technology (IT) giants are warming up to Europe. So far, North American clients have comprised over two-thirds of the business for Indian IT behemoths, with Europe accounting for just over 20%. However, with growth in the US stalling and the market nearing saturation, all eyes are shifting across the Atlantic. And …

From importing International motorcycles to acquiring International brands: Bajaj

One of India’s most popular two-wheeler manufacturers, Bajaj Auto Ltd. made the news quite recently when it acquired a stake in KTM Power Sports AG, which brought the sales of KTM super motorcycles to India under Bajaj’s supervision in return for KTM’s know-how of its 125 and 250 cc engines. Bajaj is most likely to announce another acquisition of the …

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