February 23, 2018
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How Much Do You Know about Fuel Separators and Water Separators?


Search here for the Dual fuel separators Systems or In-Line fuel separators, Filter Funnel, or Fuel Filter Assembly for Diesel or Gasoline. We convey a broad scope of Parker-Racor fuel separators/Water Separators in the Turbine Series and the Spin-On Series, including those utilizing Aquabloc II media. The Turbine Series Filter Assembly is intended for establishment on the vacuum side of …


Spring Of bike

Torsion springs are helical springs, which store rotational force, known as torque. The legs of such springs are stimulated to create the twisting effect. Springs store mechanical energy in them. These springs work on the principle that when the end of a spring is attached to another material (if the material rotates around the center of that particular spring), it …

Superior Quality and Reliable Diesel Pumps

Diesel Generator

Diesel pumps are the devices that pump diesel into diesel engines. The timing belt or the toothed belt was traditionally used to drive the diesel pumps. For over a century, reliable and dependable diesel pumps are being manufactured both in India and abroad. The high-quality diesel pumps are used in the field of agriculture for greening the soils in Egypt, …

World’s Fastest Train with 380 Km Per Hour will be Launched by China


China is all set to introduce the world, the fastest train with a speed of 380 km per hour. It will run on Zhengzhou-Xuzhou high-speed track from next month.  The travel time between Zhengzhou the Central China’s Henan province and Xuzhou, East China’s Jiangsu province is 2-hour 33-minute, which will be shortened about 80-minute. The new train’s continuous operating speed …

Indian Railways is Aiming to Speed Up Automobile Freight Traffic

Indian Railways tries to improve its goods carriage and is all set for the ‘Auto Express’, a service that will ferry cargo from Gurugram, Haryana to Nidvanda, Karnataka. To target 25 per cent increase in income with the automobile freight traffic, the Indian Railways has launched the first timetabled auto freight train. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu said that  India is …

Qualcomm Technologies Revealed the Qualcomm Connected Car Reference Platform

Qualcomm Technologies has revealed that the Qualcomm Connected Car Reference Platform has desired at speeding up the adoption of advanced and sophisticated connectivity in the next generation of connected cars. As per the company, this platform is meant to solve the challenges like wireless coexistence, future-proofing, and support for several in-car hardware architectures. Qualcomm has said that they are the …

Saint Ravi Shankar Says Malala Did Not Deserve the Nobel

While the whole world is raising its voice for the child rights and also women empowerment in all the spheres of life, somebody seems to be annoyed with the developments that are being made and also towards the worries of UNESCO on the same. The world saw the fights of Malala Yousafazai right from her childhood. Starting from freedom to …


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