Casio’s New Limited Edition Smartwatch Designed For Outdoor Use Launched

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Casio has brought a new smartwatch in the market. Called theCasio Pro Trek WSD-F20S, the new smartwatch promises to be the perfect companion for outdoor use. The new range of Casio’s smartwatches, theCasio Pro Trek WSD-F20 range, is tough, rugged, and yet pretty decent watches as well. This new smartwatch is aimed at providing the premium smartwatch feeling with outdoors usability as well. Running on Android Wear 2.0, the new smartwatch is aimed at those consumers who want the outdoorsy feel in the urban jungle. Ideal for trekking, the WDS-F20S smartwatch is comfortable with a big, glossy dial and is a limited edition smartwatch. Only 500 units will be built.

The new Casio Pro Trek WSD F20S smartwatch

With this new smartwatch, Casio will look to carving out its own unique niche in the smartwatch market. The wearable tech arena in today’s connected world is burgeoning. With the new smartwatch, rugged looks will meet comfort as well. The newCasio Pro Trek WSD-F20 range is equipped with a 1.32-inch dual-layer screen which has two modes: colour and monochrome. Normal useof the smartwatch will display all data in colour. The neat feature is this: as soon as the battery starts to run dry, the monochrome mode will switch in. This makes identifying recharge time easier and the display much smarter overall. The other features of the new smartwatch include a very handy pressure sensor, an accelerometer, and the ubiquitous compass. The Casio Pro Trek WSD-F20 will also be water resistant up to 50 metres.

This being a limited edition smartwatch, only 500 units will be manufactured.Although the new model suffers from a serious hangover from the WSD-F20 line of smartwatches, some modifications have crept in to provide better outdoor use as well as better rugged design for treks and hikes. Even the name itself, Pro Trek, indicates that the smartwatch has been designed keeping outdoorsypeople in mind. The black matte case of the smartwatch has certain distinctive elements in blue topped by a scratch-resistant sapphire glass display. At only 182 grams, the new watch is both tough and stylish. It is also light as a feather.

The CasioPro Trek WSD-F20S will be launched in the Swiss city of Basel later this week, Expect the new watch to start shipping for $500. A special case with a triangle-shaped lid is also on offer for the limited-edition smartwatch.

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