Casablanca Become the Moroccan’s Heart

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Casablanca Become the Moroccan’s Heart

With the residents of 5.5 million people, Casablanca is the major city in Morocco which indicates its history, tourism, and trade. A unique and earliest identity presented in its buildings architectures, all around in the ports, in the mosques and in the vibrant markets. Dive in the beautiful city enjoying the modern amenities and cultural variation in your Morocco holidays 2018. Morocco’s wonderful city is situated on the Atlantic coast has the cool climate throughout the spring and autumn and winter. This city is developing to the modernity but it does not overshadow the old culture of Barbers and Morocco other nations.

In Corniche (the well-known way by the ocean) you’ll be presented with lots of cafeterias and clubs that potential entertaining and relaxation. With a Hollywood-like environment, Casablanca is a city of the pathway for thousands of speculated travelers. In this amazing city, there is the second third tallest and biggest religious building in the world. It also gives a great view of the whole city and especially of the best hotels in Casablanca. With the height of 688 feet and 60 floors, it allows 105 thousand people to pray in this mosque in its area of 22 acres.

Michel Pinseau was the designer of this whole architecture and with the 1400 men’s power, it was raised in day and 1100 who constantly worked in the whole night. This is one of the very few mosques that allow non-Muslims to visit it. To travelers, a memorable place that chains the Arabic design and the classic Moroccan style with Moorish influences with the signs of urbanism. Its inner portion of the building also reveals some recent features that increase the visit for travelers.

French Portuguese port was here in this city with their full charm and trade over a century ago but the Casablanca and the avenues changed their directions and way of trade. Art Deco style is a gorgeous Parisian style which is visible in the Moroccan buildings in the city.

Although all of these placed in the art galleries or in the wide and detailed frontages of buildings, in the panels or in the festooned windows and galleries.


The best and historical place is the Mohammed V Avenue and Whoever walks through it, definitely witnesses the ancient persistence of Casablanca in its community buildings, such as the Justice Fort police station or the post office. Also, these, a more attentive look is able to learn many other effects and references of Art Deco in the angles of this city.

In this major city which is also called the heart of beautiful Morocco, the Central Market and the Medina of Casablanca, there are many shopping points where modern things are available to buy as well as there are many shops with the variety of traditional hand-made products.

These markets are different in place and style. Morocco is great to live and explore the places for your holidays. Your holidays will bring an amazing offer for you to go in this city for enjoying and capturing your memorable life events.

The heart of Morocco, Casablanca has a lot of things to show you, each with a unique charm and tackiness. Thousands of travels come to this exotic city in their cheap Morocco holidays to enhance their travel experience with their loved ones.

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