Career Opportunities after Doing Oracle Certification

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Oracle certification is a well-known name in the IT industry and it offers a number of certifications. These certifications aim at improving the expertise in Oracle’s technologies like Oracle DBMS. Once you pass these certifications, you get ample knowledge and skills in the database domain.

There are three levels of Oracle certification and they are Oracle Certified Associate, Oracle Certified Professional, and Oracle Certified Master. Passing the certifications gives you opportunities to work with the best companies in leading roles and high salary packages.

Benefits of Oracle certifications

  • Oracle certified professionals are highly paid when compared to others in the industry
  • Certifications provide better job security in the current role
  • Professionals get access to online resources like OCP Members Only website
  • Oracle provides specialized upgrade training making it easy for professionals to update their knowledge to the latest Oracle technologies

Career opportunities after Oracle certification

Discussed below are some of the roles you can apply for after taking the certifications.

1. Database Administrator
A database administrator manages the software to build computer databases. He takes care of the security of the databases and ensures that proper access rights are given to the employees so that they can access the data in the databases. He also makes certain that no illegal person is accessing the database. He makes it a point to back up the data in case something goes wrong.

Database administrators watch over the databases to prevent attacks by worms and viruses. They monitor the system performance and do upgrades whenever necessary. They have a tough job keeping the database accessible 24*7. As a result, they may have to spend more time on duty to keep the databases running.

2. Instructional Coordinators
Professionals who are sound in their knowledge of Oracle go on to become instructional coordinators. They have a good understanding of different teaching and communication methods and hence create instructional materials and train teachers. The major role of an instructional coordinator is to analyse the educational programs to ensure that they meet required quality and regulatory standards. It is expected that the job opportunities for these coordinators will increase in the coming years owing to the need to train more people in the technology. Depending on the location of job, employer, and experience, they get good pay according to the salary data.

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3. Oracle Application Developer
Oracle application developers manage high-performance databases developed by the Oracle Corporation. They upgrade or alter the areas of the databases to suit the increasing demand and usage. It is important for banks and large corporations to access the data in the databases and ensuring this is the responsibility of application developers. They need to grant permission to access data whenever a need arises. Like database administrators, developers also have to be on call irrespective of the time of the day.

With a lot of openings for certified professionals, it would be advisable to take Oracle courses when you prepare for the certifications. This would equip you with both the theoretical and practical knowledge required to pass the exam.

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