Captain America: Civil War, Will It Win An Oscar?

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Captain America:

Winning an Oscar is not an easy thing, is it?Perhaps the feeling of winning an Oscar can better be put intowords by the famous Leonardo DiCaprio, who finally took home the award in 2016 after receiving his first nomination some 22 years back. “I felt very honoured,” he said. So one can now imagine what is the value of winning an Oscar! But surprisingly from 1940 till date, there have been only 25 superhero films that have been nominated for Oscars. Few returned with the award, and few were in the list of disappointment. But now, everyone is pretty excited about ‘Captain America: Civil War‘ to win an Oscar. And if you are in that excitement list, and think that some good superhero films should definitely grab an Oscar, well, then this article is written for you!

Captain America: Civil War‘ is directed by Anthony and Joseph V. Russo, collectively known as Russo Brothers, and produced by Marvel Studios. This movie, however, has kicked off the summer movie season with a giant sized bang!With some brilliant artists like Chris Evans, Robert Downey, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan and many others this film has rocked in the theatres from April 12. And also it has made a place in every fan’s heart. However, sometime in last week, a special Academy Awards Consideration was held. But there is no surety on whether the film will make the cut or not. But if it does then this particular film would be listed in one of those few superhero movies which have won Oscars.

Apart from the technical awards, the superhero movies have failed to win much Oscars. In 1978, ‘Superman‘ earned a Special Achievement Award. And the other is ‘The Musk‘ which won an Oscar for best music in the year 2004. Surprisingly, the superhero movie and the iconic ‘Batman Begins‘ was just in the list of nomination for the best achievement in cinematography which was in the year 2005. But to conclude, ‘Heath Ledger’ broke the barrier by winning one for the best performance in the supporting role in the year 2008.

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