Can We Expect Kristen Stewart to Write A Book About Her Love Life?

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Kristen Stewart

Celebrities’ lives always invite more attention than they need. Ugly breakups make headlines while new hookups are scrutinised beyond the realm of reason. Kristen Stewart can vouch for both phenomena after her ‘fairy tale’ romance with Robert Pattinson collapsed in a painful heap in front of the whole world to dissect.But the 26-year-old actress, though still perhaps in a state of confusion over her choices, has much more clarity of vision when she looks back at her past experiences.


Stewart met former flame Robert Pattinson on the sets of Twilight, and despite the two not acknowledging their status for a long time, they could not escape the eye of the paparazzi. For many, the two were the perfect couple. But it was their long and distressing breakupfollowing pictures of Stewart cosying up to her Snow White and the Huntsmandirector Rupert Sanders surfaced, which drove the media into a frenzy.

The couple announced their officialparting in 2013; now three years and a few more tough choices later, Stewart plans to put her experiences to good use- by writing a self-help book! While we contemplate about the actual possibilities of that, it’s useful to consider what Stewart has to say. While most blame her for her breakup with Pattinson, she was as devastated as anyone would be. But her experiences have made her who she is:“Going through it is awful but every single minute I’ve spent dying has made my life so rich and I would not exchange feeling so much for feeling nothing,” the actress was reported as saying.

Since Pattinson, Stewart has been involved with Alicia Cargile and SoKo, which spurred further rumours that the actress was to undergo sex reassignment surgery. But in a recent interview, Stewart has openly confirmed the adoration she has for herCaf Society co-star, Jesse Eisenberg. But clearly, she is not completely over the feelings she had for Pattinson. For Stewart, acting in the dystopian film Equals has brought back a lot of painful memories of being in love for the first time:“You just place yourself in that feeling that maybe you’ve had before — it’s the most visceral, intense, overwhelming feeling — so when it’s really great, it’s epically great, and when it’s really bad, it’s epically bad. So we knew going into it, this was gonna be like(…)Oof, this is going to hurt”, she said in an interview.

Even so, the actress holds no illusions about getting back together with Pattinson and she insists that she has no regrets about her choices. Bad news for those who are still intent on shipping the two together.

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