Can I Check My CIBIL Score Online? The Answer is a Definite Yes

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CIBIL Score Online

The needs or desires of life may not always get fulfilled by the bank balance one would have. And that’s why you make loan applications at the bank desk with a hope to achieve what you want. While some cases get the bank’s approval, others don’t. When you enquire or introspect the reasons for rejection, you often find a poor credit profile becoming the culprit. So, you need to know everything about your credit profile or say credit score before applying for a loan. Though this due diligence does not guarantee you a loan, you can at least know the reality beforehand and won’t have to deal with the stress that results from an application rejection.

There are many companies that prepare credit scores of individuals based on their banking record. One of them is CIBIL, arguably the biggest credit information provider in India. It provides credit scores online. So, whosoever enquire or say, Can I Check My CIBIL Score Online, would be happy to know the answer in affirmative. Yes, you can. And, how can you? For that, you need to read the article further.

My CIBIL Login

To check your CIBIL Score online, you need to visit the website of the credit information company, fill the relevant personal and credit details, if any, before creating a login. To create a login, you need to choose a User ID and password meeting the desired character, alphabet and numeric requirements as set by CIBIL. After the login is made, you can enter the required credentials to check your score online. CIBIL allows one to check their credit scores free once a year. More than that will come at a cost of ₹500 or above.

What to Know About CIBIL Score? 

CIBIL Scores range from 300-900, with anything above 750 almost guaranteeing you a loan or credit card approval. Anything below the said level can force the lender to either approve or reject the application. Even if the approval comes, the loan offers may not be that attractive as the interest rates could be higher compared to those with scores past 750.

CIBIL Score Calculation

Ever wondered how CIBIL calculates your credit score? No! Well, it does base on the records sent by partner banks month-on-month. The records include the repayment summary of individuals, involving the pattern of debt servicing, skipped or late payments, credit limit utilization, debt settlement, etc. Some of the points mentioned above may not be the case with you. And so, the scores will vary. What CIBIL does next is to prepare a matrix based on the credit behavior one portrays. So, if you have defaulted on a regular basis, don’t be surprised to see a low score and which can so easily lead to the loan or card rejection. On the other hand, a smooth repayment track can make approval a mere formality. Plus, the deal would please you a lot with attractive interest rates on offer, making repayment a comfortable experience for you.

How to Improve CIBIL Score?

So when you find your score to be poor, what should you do to get it to the desired level and above? You must be battling to find an answer to this question, right? Let me tell you that the scores can be improved, provided you start repaying the debt on time. A default can be either intentional or unintentional. Those who unintentionally default on loan or credit card debt repayment must be forced to do so in the wake of massive expenses they need to do on a monthly basis. They should prioritize the spends appropriately to find if there’s an unwanted one they can do away with. If so, they can avoid spending on that to save the bucks for repayment.

Not only you can check your CIBIL score online but can also improve it by cutting on the spends. This will enable a smooth repayment and raise your score with time. And when the score goes past 750, a loan or card approval would be obvious.

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