Call Of Duty Black Ops 3: Patch Update For Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Released

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Call Of Duty Black Ops 3

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Call Of Duty Black Ops 3: A new Black Ops 3 patch has come out for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Depending on the console, the update checks out at 1.9GB or 2.8GB. The update will fix major bugs on multiplayer mode and Zombies and will add more weapons in the gameplay. The developers, Treyarch, have also informed that there will be no major updates in recent time but they’ll keep supporting the title because they aren’t “totally done” with it.

Call Of Duty Black Ops 3

Over on Twitter, Treyarch’s studio director David Vonderhaar said, “18 (ish) major updates; 100s of minor updates; 16 MP maps; 4 ZM maps. +More. Thanks for a great post-launch year.” He then added, “Things will probably slow down from here, but we aren’t totally done either.”

According to PlayStation LifeStyle, this is full list of patch notes for Call Of Duty Black Ops 3:



Ongoing improvements to overall game stability and network performance:

  • Identified and eliminated various behind-the-scenes errors which contributed to in-game hitching.
  • Streamlined the way textures load into the match to improve streaming performance and reduce hitching.
  • Added additional logging to assist with debugging difficult-to-reproduce hitching reported by community members.

Black Market:

  • Addressed an issue where certain promotional pop-ups incorrectly appeared.



  • Wraith Scorestreaks will properly target enemy Manticores.



  • Fixed a rare bug where players would spawn into a Zombies match with a white screen.
  • Fixed a bug which caused a promotional banner to stretch across a large portion of the screen in Dr. Monty’s Factory.


  • Improved stability with splitscreen matches on Revelations.
  • Addressed an issue which caused a fatal error at high rounds.
  • Fixed a fatal error associated with the Lightning Dark Arena challenge.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to interact with the Keeper Protector Altar.
  • Resolved issues where players would die when standing in specific locations in the map.
  • Fixed various map exploits associated with the low gravity section in the Undercroft.
  • Fixed an issue where the DG-4 would fail to recharge.
  • Fixed an issue with picking up the Summoning Key while a Pack-a-Punched weapon is equipped.

The military science fiction first-person shooter video game, Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 is a sequel to the 2012 video game Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It was launched on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 6, 2015. The title was well received after being released. GameSpot gave it a score of 7 out of 10, and said: “Black Ops III doesn’t offer anything remarkable to the series, but does just enough to maintain the Call of Duty status quo. The franchise, however slowly, continues its inexorable march.” And Polygon, 7 out of 10, saying “Black Ops III’s biggest point of recommendation may be the breadth of content there, and that’s a valid point of view. But Treyarch doesn’t meaningfully move the series forward here.”

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