Call of Duty 2017 Could Take The Game Back To Its Roots

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Call of Duty 2017:It’s 2017, and we all know what that means. Activision brought in Sledgehammer Games as a series regular ever since they changed the developer rotation cycle to three years. And it’s been good so far- the American studio that was set up fairly recently in 2009 launched their first major Call of Duty title three years back with Advanced Warfare, and it raked in the highest sales figures of 2014. Sledgehammer’s game worked because critics liked the departure it offered from the typical COD formula that had come to mark the more recent games.

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This year, however, the developer is teasing some serious hints about Call of Duty 2017. The hints started surfacing from last year itself when Michael Condrey of Sledgehammer Games made a status update on Twitter. While it read like a normal Christmas greeting, the picture that accompanied it had fans starting to wonder. The poster featured the iconic M1911 pistol and referred directly to the long-runningfranchise. Then on New Year’s Day, the studio made an even more intriguing upload. The tweet read like this- “It’s officially 2017! Some call it the zodiac year of the Hammer.” It was accompanied by a vintage looking timer that slowly clicked its way through the digits to show 2017. Ever since then, fans have been dying with anticipation to know what the next COD game from Sledgehammer will be like. And there are already a few rumours doing the rounds.

The most prominent rumours about Call of Duty 2017 has to do with the new game’s time and setting, with many convinced that the games will take us back to the twentieth century. And this does appear to have some grounding. You see, the M1911 was one of the weapons that were extensively in use during the two World Wars and the other iconic wars that marked the last century. So if the firearm in the poster really is the M1911, thenCondrey may have already given us a clear hint that Call of Duty 2017 is taking a detour to portray the past; which is fantastic.

Fans are more divided on the location front, however. While many suggest that the next game could be set in London during WWII, some others are of the opinion that the developer might revisit an earlier location from a cancelled game- Vietnam. We think this latter one makes a bit of sense, as Sledgehammer had to stop work on Call of Duty: Vietnam to lend their hand to Modern Warfare 3. Also, Vietnam ties in well with the possible twentieth-century setting, so Call of Duty 2017 could be based on the Vietnam War.

Nothing is really known about the upcoming game for now, except for the fact that we will see it come out this year. The earliest we could come to hear about the new game is probably sometime duringQ2. Though no release date has officially been announced for Call of Duty 2017, we expect it to come out by November 2017.

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