Cabinet Plans To Provide Annual Surveys On Labour, Workforce, Unemployment Rate in Nation

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The Union Cabinet, on Wednesday, proposed an enlarged plan on providing annual surveys on labour force, workforce and unemployment rate standards in India which would help give an estimation regarding the developing and under-developed stages.


As per the National Sample Survey (NSS), the motive is to plan and conduct a survey in a regular basis which will help in bringing changes in its advanced stages. The data analysis would further help in giving an estimation of workforce, labour and unemployment rate nation-wide through its newly-formed statistics. The proposal came in the presence of Chief Statistician of India, TC Anant.

According to TC Anant, This initiative is important because it will give us regular (annual) estimates of labour force, the workforce and unemployment rates at the all-India level as well as for rural and urban areas separately.

The respective survey will be conducted in two forms, one for rural areas and another for the urban, which will eventually help in separating both sections thus helping in taking keen measures over progress. The data provided by the NSS to the Centre will give a regular estimate on each sectors in an annual basis at a national level along with a separate data base.

Apart from providing a annual data, it will also provide data in a quarterly basis so that changes can be regularly rolled in accordance with the key indicator of changes in urban areas, especially. The proposed measures taken would further foresee the irregularity in funding as well as being one of the major credentials in economy policy development.

Included in Goods and Service Tax, the proposal will be significant new source of data for Central Statistical Office. Currently, the Centre and the State government bodies collect levied taxes data on varied goods and service at different places in the production-consumption charts. The proposal in accordance with GST will structure the collection of taxes in a single point, hence recording information regarding the intermediate transactions therefore developing in a more structured economy.

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