Buy your life insurance on the Internet? Tips to remember before doing it!

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The internet has changed the rules of the game, because today buyers have information not only from your product, but also your competitors that are only a few clicks away.

How has the purchase changed:

Before the Internet and online shopping, consumers go directly to stores to buy, we depend on physical space and vendors to get information about products and / or services, from features to prices. We are also limited to how many stores and vendors we can visit at any given time. The buyer is in the seller’s hands. Today the Internet has given consumers the power to buy, now most of the information is within our reach and we can compare more products, more companies, but above all more ways to solve the same needs. Not only the power to buy, but also the power to choose. For example, every gambler can choose a variety of gambling games without having to go to the casino; they simply click on

The Internet has not only transformed transactional product companies with online purchases. Companies that sell products or services based on significant purchasing processes (real estate, specialized services, among others) have also been influenced by technology and specifically the internet, transforming how buyers and sellers are related. The information is now more accessible to buyers just by having a smartphone with Internet. So a salesperson is no longer needed to start a sales process and many consumers only seek to interact with them to complete the purchase.

Online purchases are safer at this time, however, when it comes to serious purchases such as life insurance, it is important that you consider the following tips. On the Internet you will find hundreds of advertisements that invite you to get offers to buy your life insurance. Visiting these portals can be a good way to start telling you, but learn the following tips well before buying online.

Buy your life insurance on the Internet Tips

You must provide your personal information:

1.In the same way when we buy any other product on the Internet, we must be very careful when giving our personal information to third parties; especially when it comes to buying life insurance online, because the information we provide is more extensive and personal. To get an offer, they may ask you for certain information (although not all portals operate the same way) such as your social security number, telephone number, address or email address, age, weight, if you smoke, etc. . Buying your life insurance online requires a lot of documents, and in some cases, someone will visit you at home to do a brief medical examination that may not be accurate. You also have to consider whether the portal is reliable and whether the insurance company you choose is stable and has a good reputation.

2.When you request a quote, you must make sure you provide your basic health information, such as height, weight, age, gender and the amount of blood pressure, cholesterol, etc., because if not, they will give you a low and unrealistic estimate . For example, if you suffer from a heart problem and don’t write it on the form, you won’t get the right offer. You must be honest. The other side of the coin is that some of these portals will provide your information to dozens of agents, not just one, and this will allow you to start receiving emails from fraudulent companies.

3.Find your offer on an Internet portal that has access to several insurance companies. Look for online portals that represent several insurance companies (make sure this is the most established on the market), to get several offers. If you do it with one insurance company you will not be able to compare prices and coverage.

4.Find out the financial ratings of the insurance company you choose. Before buying, you must know whether the insurance company you choose is a solvent. Look for information on the government portal about consumer protection and people from institutions dedicated to assessing the financial solvency of insurance companies. These agents also have a telephone number so you can call and talk directly with someone to help you.

Buy your life insurance on the Internet Tips tricks

You must fully understand what policies you choose to offer you. Assuming you buy your life insurance online without problems and without being scammed, your concern is to understand well the type of insurance you buy and the conditions and limitations of the policy.

Consider buying your life insurance from the same insurance company in your home and car. After analyzing all the previous points and drawing your own conclusions, consider the following options: Wouldn’t it be better to have all your insurance under the same umbrella? If an insurance company protects your property and your vehicle is recognized and has responded well to any difficulties, why not buy your life insurance? In this case, your contact with the insurance company will be direct and reliable through one of its agents.

Of course, asking your question on the Internet can be a good start to telling you as much as possible about life insurance, but you should know that most life insurance requires a medical examination. Don’t forget that if you negotiate directly with an insurance agent from a recognized company, you will get the results of the correct medical examination and therefore the right quote. Buying directly online can be convenient and may save you time, but it can also be an expensive mistake if you don’t take steps carefully and don’t contact the right insurance company.

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