Business Communication Platform AppSay Raises 150,000 USD From Venture Catalysts

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In one-of-its-kind fundraising from the financial market business communication platform named AppSay is likely to raise fund amounting 150,000 USD with the help of Venture Catalyst. The respective platform contributes to protecting information regarding businesses of its customers in various ways. It includes banks, schools, hospitals, insurers, NGOs, government sectors so as to use techniques of all sorts in a unique, non-intrusive manner.

If we take a look at venture catalyst, then it seems as it directs towards those firms or individuals which obtain finances for other companies who however don’t have access to opt for venture capitalism. The rounds headedfor venture catalyst regarding fundraising was led by Shreyans Shah and Mayank Shah of Toyochem Laboratories. The following funding will help the company to develop and increase tech frameworks so as to refine its products in a better way.


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Founded in 2015 by Vaibhav Shewale and Jeetendra Gharewith its headquarters in Mumbai, AppSay is entirely tech-driven and opts user-centric approach. The company further expanded its office location in Surat following 5 more cities included in its current expansion procedure by the end of 2016. The company eventually sought to expand in 5 more cities and that too in other states.

The Venture Catalysts co-efficiently funded more than 9 investment scaleworth $3 million in various start-up such as Confirm TKT, Siftr, Vahanalytics, vPhrase Analytics, and so on which looks worth promising in near future. However, respective start-up adhered to business communication platform AppSay, it opinionated as the premium level it fragmented itself which leads generations around the globe, it is confirmed that it will be able to transform the tech-driven market at all new zenith.

Other than Venture Catalyst, other fundraisers Shreyans Shah of Toyochem Technologies stated as “AppSay is a highly cost-effective global product that offers brilliant solutions to businesses around the world to tackle the growing hassles associated with bulk SMS and emails. Its pull-based approach has all the necessary features that can help in protecting customer information.”

The respective highly measured segment of business communication is entirely user-friendly, tech-based, confidential oriented, and moreover uniquely enabled procedures. AppSay is likely to raise more funds in near future, eventually expanding itself into many cities giving tough competition to its contemporaries.

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